Yoplait Two Week Tuneup: Days 3 & 4

Wedesday was day 3 and Thursday was day 4 of my try at the Yoplait Two Week Tuneup. I’m combining days because of two reasons. 1: I didn’t get a chance to post day 3 yesterday, and 2: Day 4 didn’t go quite like I planned.

Day 3 was another huge success. I lost 1.2 lbs, bringing my total to 4.6 lbs in 3 days!!! I am quite impressed. For dinner, I made the Spinach and Chicken Skillet. Once again I have to say YUM! Cooking the chicken and spinach in a whipping cream / broth is delicious. Adding the crunch of toasted slivered almonds was key as well.

Now for day 4….I haven’t weighed yet and I’m a little nervous. I started on the wrong foot by missing breakfast due to lack of time. I did get a Zumba workout in and I still got my two yogurt meals in, but not properly spaced. Then I finished the day wrong by eating out for dinner. My parents treated the kids and I to dinner because of lack of time to cook tonight. I ordered the proper foods to maintain the diet, but I snuck a couple of things off my kids’ plates. Not too terrible, but not superb either. I’ll let you know tomorrow what the consequences of my actions were.

UPDATE: I weighed and was not too disappointed with the scale. I had a .4 gain, but considering how much I’ve lost in the last 4 days, I’m okay with it. That’s what happens when ya cheat! 😉 Hoping for better tomorrow.

Yay for days 1, 2 and 3 though!!! Woo hoo! Trying to stay positive. Today will be better.

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