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Exciting News for Clever Housewife – BlogHer Sponsorship from ACTIVATE

 BlogHer Sponsorship

I have some very exciting news to announce. Okay, it’s mostly exciting for me, but it is something that will help me to be a better blogger, which will help all of you!!!

As most of you already know, I have been planning to attend a blogging conference called BlogHer. This is a conference where I will get to connect with other bloggers, brands and attend workshops where I will learn to be a better blogger. There are also some fun parties that I get to attend, including a pre-screening of Disney’s “The Help”. I have been planning this trip for the past 5-6 months, but before we planned our recent move. Since we decided to make an expensive move (to an expensive area), in May, I started getting nervous about how I was going to afford the trip. So, I started seeking Sponsorship from brands that I love and trust.

I am very excited to announce my BlogHer sponsorship: ACTIVATE will be giving me a partial sponsorship to BlogHer 2011! I love ACTIVATE and their belief in bringing quality products to consumers. You can see and enter my recent ACTIVATE giveaway HERE.

Some of you may be wondering how a sponsorship works, so I will tell you a bit about it. Essentially, ACTIVATE is paying for part of my trip (like airfare and hotel), kind of like they are paying for advertising. I will help promote ACTIVATE through and around my blog, for the next few months. Rest assure that anything I post about ACTIVATE will be my own true opinions. I won’t share anything that I don’t believe in, just for the sake of money or sponsorship! I believe in staying true to myself and my blog.

ACTIVATE is truly a great company and I am excited to be partnered with them!

Please come enter the giveaway so you too can try and see how wonderful ACTIVATE products are!

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