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It’s time to make fitness fun with the movement recorder Striiv. It’s a new generation of a pedometer, but way more!  Striiv is a sleep fitness device that motivates you to get up and move, and rewards your movement throughout the day with games, challenges, and even donations. It’s all powered by your physical activity.

Striiv is small and convenient. It can be worn on your person by the belt clip or in a pocket, or it can go on your key-chain. There’s no need to ever be without your Striiv device.

Striiv also has embedded games, unlike traditional time-based social games, Striiv games are powered by physical activity. For example: in the first game “My Land”, the more you move, the more your enchanted island fills with exotic wildlife and plants. And there’s more games to come in the future with Striiv. There are also daily challenges and Trophies. You earn rewards and bonuses for walking or taking stairs. You can unlock daily challenges based on real-world distances, like climbing the Eiffel Tower or walking across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Striiv is based on TruMotion Technology, which is always on and always sensing if you are walking, running or climbing stairs. You also have the ability to sync your Striiv device with your computer with the USB connection, which will then automatically receive softward updates, back-up data and register your donations. Ah – the donation part. Striiv is partnered with GlobalGiving to donate clean water to children in South America, Rainforest Conservation in Tanzania or polio vaccines in India. It’s kind of like a pocket Walkathon. When you walk – corporate sponsors donate at no cost to the user.

Striiv is launched on Amazon for just $99 + Free Shipping, as well as on for $99.  I only wish I had remembered to take my Striiv to New York because I was very active there! It’s already amazing how it records what I do at home. Striiv fits fitness around your busy schedule as it turns everyday activities into fitness opportunities.

My kids have even loved playing with my little Striiv because it is like a handheld game to them! This product is great for helping you step up your physical activity, in each thing you do.

You can see the Striiv in action in the following video:


*Striiv provided me with one to help facilitate my review.

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