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“The Night After Christmas” Book Review + Giveaway


I am a big believer in reading to children. I am always looking for new material that will appeal to my kids, and make them desire to sit still for the whole story. Now this in of itself, is quite the task.

I was given a copy of “The Night After Christmas” to read and when I was contacted, I was very excited. My kids love reading Christmas stories, and we do it year round. “The Night After Christmas” is a very charming book that will recall to mind the original Clement C. Moore classic. In this tale, it talks about Santa returning to the North Pole after completing his busiest night of the year. I love that Michael Hebler, the author, took an old tale of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, and used some of the same rhyming patterns, to give us something fresh and new. The tale of what goes on after Christmas Day is just delightful and fun.

The illustrations in “The Night After Christmas” are a little whimsical, as well as beautiful and vibrant. I loved the creativity that Anita Driessen, the illustrator, put into the pictures that each page painted in my mind. You can actually get a sneak peek at a few of the book’s pages over on the website of “The Night After Christmas”.

The 28 page picture book is available in both print and eBook formats ($8.99 for 8.5 x 8.5† print / $0.99 for full color eBook). You can purchase a paperback copy of “The Night After Christmas” on Amazon for $8.99. The Kindle or eBook version is just $.99 on Amazon.

One Clever Housewife reader will win a paperback copy of “The Night After Christmas”, and another reader will win a digital copy of the book. This giveaway will end at 11:59pm on 12/16. Hopefully this will enough time for the winner to receive their book by the night after Christmas! To enter, you can complete any or all of the steps below, using the rafflecopter form.
I received a promotional item to facilitate my review.

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  • Most importantly, the best thing about Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus.
    Additionally, I love the happiness & joy that Christmas brings, especially for the children.

  • My favorite part about Christmas is how exciting and magical it is for small kids. I can still remember thinking I would never fall to sleep on Christmas Eve, my little head was positively swimming, imagining what I might under the tree in the morning!

  • My favorite thing of Christmas is all of it!!!! I really love and enjoy this time of the year!

  • My favorite thing about Christmas is being able to spend time with my family. This is the first year we will all be together.

  • Christmas is about the kids. My kids remember all the traditions and keep reminding me to keep doing them, no matter how old they get. I forget sometimes, but they don’t! I always read “The Night Before Christmas” to them while they drink hot chocolate after we go driving around looking at all the lights so “The Night After Christmas” will become a new tradition.

  • My favorite thing about Christmas is , spending time with family, going to watch christmas lights, decorating the Christmas tree,

  • My favorite thing about Christmas is being with my family because I am about 15 hours away from them. I also love my Aunt’s Christmas Eve party every year, it’s something I hate to miss. I love the feeling of joy and magic at this time of year.

  • My favorite thing about is Christmas is having all the family here and remembering together the birth of sweet baby Jesus and all that he has done for us.

  • My favorite part is seeing my children all excited for Santa to come. It’s magical!

  • i love the traditions of the day with my family – a movie, looking at holiday lights, eggs benedict in the morning, slowly opening gifts all day…

  • My favorite thing about Christmas is when I see my grandchildren’s face when they open their gifts and when my family is around me.

  • My favorite thing about Christmas is having all of my kids home!


  • The joy of hope and spirit of love with the light of hope, love and renewal in the childrens eyes are what I love most about Christmas.

  • I would have to say my favorite thing about Christmas is the time with my family. People rush rush rush everywhere these days. So its nice for them all to be able to come together and just relax with each other.

  • My favorite things about Christmas are Catholic Midnight Mass and watching my 6 kids opening presents Christmas morning.

  • My favorite thing about Christmas is quality time with my family….especially my extended family that I don’t get to see very often:)

  • My favorite thing is sharing Christmas with my little nieces. And celebrating the birth of Jesus!

  • My favorite part of Christmas is celebrating the Birth of Christ and spending time with family.

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