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Talking Fat Cat Anyone?


The Garfield Show: Dinosaurs and Other Animal Adventures is due to be released on 1/10/12. I recently received a copy to review and knew it would be a good fit for my kids. My kids have recently discovered Garfield on their own, via Netflix Instant Watch flicks. It has been fun to hear my kids watching a show that I watched a lot when I was little. Well shortly after my kids discovered Garfield, we got this movie to review! Of course the show was very entertaining for my kids, ages 2.5 to 8 years old.  From the time we opened the movie packaging it seems like we were watching Garfield for a week straight.  When I asked my boys what character they liked best it was Garfield of course.  Odie the dog, and John, the owner, were a close 2nd though.

Between Garfield’s obsession for Lasagna and the way he manipulates the other characters, my boy just find it all a hoot! The DVD comes with several episodes that take you on a journey of digging up dinosaur bones, working with farm animals and even under the sea. I think my kids’ favorite episode was when Garfield signed Odie up for a dog contest that had a prize of Lasagna.  Garfield got rid of the competition by pointing competitors to the other side of town. Then he told the early arriving competitors that the Lasagna was too healthy, which OF COURSE was a turn off for the dogs and their owners.  In the end Odie wins the Lasagna, only to have it taken away by Garfield, who selfishly only gives Odie a thin slice.

Did you ever watch Garfield as a kid, or with your kids? So funny, and it always makes my boys laugh! It looks like Amazon will be selling the Garfield Show: Dinosaurs and Other Animal Adventures for $11.99, once it is released on 1/10/12.



Vivendi Entertainment provided me with a review copy of the dvd, for my honest opinions.

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