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Comforts for Baby Review


A while back I was lucky enough to receive a great gift basket of baby products from Comforts for Baby. Comforts for Baby is a line of baby products that are distributed by Kroger Co., and are of high quality and affordability. They provide diapers, diaper bags, baby powder, sippy cups, and just about everything that a little one could need.

I was so excited to receive a gift basket filled with wonderful quality products: a diaper bag, diapers, wet wipes, baby powder, baby oil, cotton swaps and sippy cups. We went through the diapers and wipes with no problem because hey, what baby doesn’t?! My daughter has very sensitive skin though, and with these diapers – no issues whatsoever! I have not ever been a big user of baby powder or baby oil, so I still have those on hand in case the need strikes me, but they definitely smell fresh! I think the disposable sippy cups are fabulous! I have gone through so many different brands and types of sippy cups and I often find some kind of fault within them, but most of the time, you can’t go wrong with disposable sippy cups. The Comforts for Baby Sippy cups are just great! Even though they say disposable, we continue to get several uses out of them!

I thought that because Comforts for Baby products are distributed by Kroger Co., that we wouldn’t have any sold around me, because we don’t have any Kroger stores. I was wrong though! I did a search and found out that they are sold at all of the Quik Stops around me.

To find out where Comforts for Baby products are sold, check out their store locator. You can connect with Comforts for Baby on Facebook and Twitter!


Disclosure: Comforts for Baby provided me with some free baby products. All opinions expressed are my own.

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