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NutritionPossible Assessment

Most of us know our daily diet is lacking in all our nutritional needs, but what can you do? We also know perusing the vitamin and supplement aisles at the store is a daunting and beyond confusing. You’d need a PhD in nutritional science to figure it all out.

*This is a picture of the vitamin aisle at Walgreens, where I often shop. Sorry for the blurriness – hubby is not a photographer. 😉 I will update after I go to the store on Monday! You can tell though that there are so many different bottles, brands, vitamins, etc.

Well, you now have all that information at your fingertips with just a short, personal assessment at Centrum’s. I did the assessment and I was surprised and very pleased at what I found. It only takes a few minutes and the information empowers you to take charge of your nutritional needs and enables you to shop wisely. You’re also provided with a high-value coupon at the end of the assessment.

WebMD, Mayo Clinic and a host of leading professionals in diet, exercise and lifestyle back Centrum’s Nutrition Possible. Centrum’s has all those PhD’s there doing the work for you! The assessment will ask you questions about your daily diet, exercise and overall lifestyle, then it customizes a vitamin and supplement plan specifically for your needs. It even provides you with a shopping list!

There are many more aspects of fitness and lifestyle to explore on the website beyond nutrition. Their website features such topics as: Create your Plan, Explore your Health, Know your Nutrients and Get Tips and Advice. My dear readers, do yourself a huge favor and check this one out. Not only will you improve your overall health, but you will also receive a $10 coupon towards the purchase of a Centrum ProNutrients supplement. To make this all better, by taking the assessment and entering my form below, you will be entered to win a $25 American Express Gift Card!!!!

The blogger who gets the most assessments and comments will win a free conference pass to BlissDom in Nashville, TN (which is next week). I am already going, but my sponsor fell through so I could really use this! Thank you much!

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