DIY Chalkboard Paint Inside Cabinet Door

DIY Chalkboard Paint Inside Cabinet Door


I am a day late on this week’s Pinterest Challenge post, due to being out of town. Sorry about that! The vote for this last week’s Pinterest Challenge was for the the DIY Meal Plan Chalkboard inside Cabinet Door, inspired by Coupon Connections, and I think it turned out pretty good. It probably couldn’t hurt to sand a little, or give extra coats. I don’t mind seeing the wood grain though. Now I just need some good chalk (all I had was sidewalk chalk), and some better handwriting! lol

This is such an easy thing to do, so give it a try! I think I will do another cabinet and use it for a shopping list. I need to write down what I need at the store, as I realize it. Then I can transfer it to a notepad before going to the store.

Simply clean the inside of your cabinet door. Then tape off a section that you want painted. It would be fun to do different designs and templates. Then use any craft chalkboard paint. I used the Martha Stewart Chalkboard craft paint from Michaels, with my 40% off coupon.Voila – write whatever you’d like on your new chalkboard!

Now I need you all to leave a comment on this blog post with a recommendation/nomination for my next project or recipe. Jjust be sure to include a link to the pin. ;-) The more nominations, the more we have to vote on. Vote will be held tomorrow afternoon!

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