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Pinterest Challenge: Easter Candle Holders + Nominate Next Week’s Project




Easter Candle Holders

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The vote for this last week’s Pinterest Challenge was for the Easter Candle Holders, inspired by CSI Project. This project was a bit tricky, but I do like how it turned out. I encountered a couple of difficulties, which I will explain below.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Pinterest Challenge, each Thursday I have my readers leave a comment on this post, with a link to a pin on Pinterest, nominating that project or recipe for that week’s challenge. Then on Friday I have a vote with my top three favorite nominations. I then have until the next Thursday to post my challenge.

The Easter Candle Holders that were nominated this past week have round plaques/bases, which I could not find anywhere! I had a very difficult time finding plaques for the base and top of the candle holders because I live in a small town, so after my parents and I looking all over town, we came up with these square ones from The Home Depot. What do you think?

My dad was kind enough to do the drilling for me, as I was short on time. We drilled a hold into the center of each plaque, for the dowel to be placed.

I also had a very difficult time finding cute wooden or plastic eggs, so we ended up getting some styrofoam ones from Joann Fabrics, which worked okay. Wood would probably be the better option, but these really do work. My dad drilled holes through the center of each egg. Just be careful to try and get the holes straight through the center, because it can result in crooked eggs, if you don’t. This might be a tad of a challenge.

Then instead of spending a lot of money on pastel spray paint, I used acryllic paint to paint each of the bases.

Thread the eggs onto a 5/16″ dowel and make a mark where I wanted the next cut to be, to be placed nicely into the plaques. Try not to leave much excess wood.

After the paint is dry, you can stick a little wood glue in the holes, or on the dowel. Place one end into the bottom based and thread the eggs onto the dowel. Then place the top plaque onto the top of the dowel. Voila! Now be prepared that the dowels sometimes get a little wobbly, and it can be tricky to get them to stand up completely straight. If you’ll notice in the picture, the pink holder doesn’t stand up quite straight. It still holds the candle though. The taller your holder, the more wobbly it will be.

I just got some basic white candles and tied a ribbon around them. You could get creative and use some Easter scrapbook paper and tie with a ribbon, etc.

Now I need you all to leave a comment on this blog post with a recommendation/nomination for my next project or recipe. I typically allow you to nominate anything on Pinterest, but this week I would like to request a recipe – just be sure to include a link to the pin. I have been doing lots of crafts lately and would like to try a new recipe that looks delish! Plus it will help my budget. 😉 The more nominations, the more we have to vote on. Vote will be held tonight or tomorrow morning! I haven’t had a whole lot of nominations the past 2 weeks, so I could really use some more!

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