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Allegra Allergy Relief Review and #Giveaway

AAAchooo – excuse me, it’s that time of year! Along with a beautiful rejuvenating spring comes – yes, you’ve got it, Seasonal Allergies. It’s just not fair to have to worry about sneezing, coughing, and itchy watery eyes. I must admit, I’m not much of a seasonal allergy sufferer, which is surprising, considering I live in one of the most agriculturally productive parts of the country. My community is famous for French Plums (aka prunes), peaches, almonds, walnuts, kiwis, tomatoes and rice. You name it – we grow it. With all those beautiful orchards surrounding my neighborhood, comes lots and lots of pollen. We really know the work of bees around here – they have to pollinate all those trees. Now my husband, as many of you know, goes to school in the Bay Area, which has sea breezes to blow away airborne allergens, but when he comes home on weekends – he suffers! Allergies didn’t bother him the first few years we lived in California, but his resistance began to wane as the years went by. He is truly a fan of Allegra.

After a long hibernation of staying indoors with the kiddos, we were so eager to spend time outdoors last weekend. We had lots of activities planned and games to play. We’d just received this super cool Mini Frisbee Golf Game and wanted to try it out. The hubs, loaded up with his Allegra and we were good to go. Frisbee golf was a great way to engage the whole fam, and spend some fun time outdoors. Did I say I don’t have seasonal allergies – well, I do have a cat allergies. I’ve never been around cats much, we are a dog family, but when I go to friend’s homes with cats, the itchy, watery eyes really kicks into high gear. It took me a while to figure it out, but now I just take an Allegra before I go to my cat lovin friend’s homes.

Over 40 million Americans suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies and now is the time to gear up to deal with spring allergy symptoms. Allegra is the newest over-the – counter allergy medication and the only “have it all” solution. Allegra combines fast,
non-drowsy, 24-hour relief from indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms – including itchy and watery eyes and a runny nose.

I’d like to challenge you, my readers, to swap out your current over-the-counter medication and give Allegra a try. One lucky reader will receive the same kit I got, which includes Allegra Samples for kids two and up, kids 6 and up and adults, as well as the cool Mini Frisbie Golf Game. My kids had a blast with the Frisbie Golf!

To enter to win your Allegra Seasonal Allergy Kit, fill out the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway will end at 11:59pm on May 14th. The first entry is to leave a comment on this blog post. Please be sure you actually leave the comment before selecting “I Did This”. I CAN tell if you have done that step. 😉

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*Allegra provided me with a “Have it All Seasonal Allergy Kit”, and a mini frisbie golf game to help facilitate my review.

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Emily Buys


  • I suffer from year round allergies! Ugh it’s a mess. I am sniffling as I type this! Pets, dust, pollen, some days it seems like everything!

  • I have year round allergies: dust, grass, pollen, pets, mold, chemicals, cleaners, air fresheners, cig smoke, etc.

  • Aside from an ibuprofen allergy, I don’t know what my allergies are but I definitely suffer from allergy symptoms and allegra is a life safer for me sometimes. Oddly enough I seem to experience the worst issues in the fall instead of spring.


  • I’m the one suffering from seasonal allergies! Trees, Grass and Weeds get me every year, Allegra is the ONLY thing that helps me!

  • I have two asthmatic kids and we go through allergy meds like crazy. And we have cats that my daughter loves to hug on. And Allegra helps save her from her allergies and let’s her enjoy her pets and the beautiful weather.

  • My son and I have seasonal allergies, sniffling sneezing and sinus congestion. My husband has sinus headache issues when the weather changes.

  • I suffer from year around environmental allergies and food allergies. No one else use to suffer, but now both my son and daughter have year around allergies.

  • Me, and only me. I am allergic to ALL flowers, I HAVE to take an allergy pill if I go outside to walk/play with my daughter, I’m also allergic to cats, dogs/fur bearing animals. I’m also allergic and can NOT drink tea because of its “plant” properties. It sucks!

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