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How often should one get a self portrait? How often should a family update their family photo? I most certainly don’t have all the answers, but I do know that the answer is likely more often than I make it happen. I know some people don’t think much of having a self portrait or family photo taken, but I feel it is important. Not only is it nice to have photos on your walls, but I feel it is important to leave some sort of history behind for our posterity. Our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. would love to see what we all looked like when we went through different phases of our lives. It is nice to celebrate special moments or events, or milestones in our lives. 

Part of the fun, or some may call it a chore, of planning a photo shoot, can be what to wear and where to have your photos taken. I say, let’s stop worrying and agonizing over these questions, and just get it done. A photo is to document a period of time, and can also document personality, if you let it. One thing that I have learned about having a family photo taken, in regard to what to wear, is mom should pick out an outfit that makes her feel great. Then mom should have the rest of the family’s outfits, compliment her! It should work out almost everytime!

I have also learned that every photo does not need to be perfect. If you have a child who wants to do their own thing, sometimes it is okay to let them. Those photos can sometimes mean the most, because that photo will mark a memory of that child’s personality. Look beyond the obvious pose for every shot.

Most of the family photos and individual portraits of my kids have been taken at jcpenney Portrait Studios. You really do get a lot of bang for your buck at jcpportraits. They often have membership cards that will get you certain discounts and promotions, throughout the year.  Every month, jcpportraits offers different coupons and discounts, which helps with making photographs much more affordable. Getting your picture taken doesn’t have to be a huge expense like a lot of people think.  Be sure to print the jcpportraits Coupons for April, which are $20 for 6 traditional portrait sheets (mix and match size and images) as well as one free $9 sitting fee!

If you aren’t sure of the nearest jcpenney Portrait Studio, you can do a simple search with their location finder

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