Mini Vacation Part 3: The Discovery in Reno, NV

I know it has been a couple of weeks now since my family and I took our mini vacation to Reno, NV, but I still had one more segment of our trip that I wanted to share with you. For part 3 of our vacation, we visited Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum, also known as The Discovery, a hands-on museum in Reno, NV, that is fairly new. The museum was beautiful and the kids had an absolutely wonderful time!

The interactive science room called “Da Vinci’s Corner” was probably the room we stayed and played in the longest.  It even kept my husband entertained for over 30 minutes.  In this room there was a wind tunnel where you could release items such as  ribbons, fabric, and  little starwberry crates, and watch them twirl and turn as they flew up to the ceiling.  Little girl enjoyed watching this one.  Blowing tubes of air would move windmills and clock rotations per second, as seen on gauges.


The boys and my husband made custom tunnels out of PVC pipe on a magnetic wall. Then they would drop ping pong balls through the pipes, and watch them run their gantlet.

There was another room where we learned about electricity. My oldest son attached wires to make a replica Reno Sign illuminate.  There was a gravity field created with a small globe where you could drop lead and see it stick to to the north and south poles, which was very fascinating.

Next came an art portion where there was a glass wall that we were allowed to color on with markers. I found this very cool! Little girl traced daddy’s hand, while I watched on the other side of the glass. Not only was the coloring fun, but the cleanup was fun too! The marker and drawings could be washed off with water and a squeegee.  This time Brielle could color on something and not get in trouble!


I received complimentary passes to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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