Red Robin Red Royalty Card – Earn Free Food!

Red Robin Red Royalty Card to Earn Free Food!

Do you love Red Robin French Fries, Burgers and Salads as much as I do? I am a super huge fan of Red Robin. When I am not counting calories (or sometimes when I am), I like to get their light ranch for dipping, and their BBQ/mayo dipping sauces for their tasty french fries. YUM! Some locations know of the BBQ/Mayo sauce as the Onion Ring sauce. As I diet and make healthier choices I opt to cut out the dipping sauces, but they sure are tasty!

Even if you don’t head to Red Robin really often, you should still stop by and pick up a Red Robin Red Royalty Card. Then go home and register your card at Red Robin’s website. Simply by registering your card you will automatically be signed up for a FREE Birthday Burger (on your birthday). You will also be able to earn free food from Red Robin.

Every 10th Burger, Salad or Entree is free! You will get a $20 credit for visiting Red Robin within the first 5 weeks of registering your card. Plus, I have received random emails with coupons for free onion rings and other treats!

What is your favorite menu item at Red Robin?

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  • Thanks for the mention, Emily! We love our Red Royalty members, and who cannot deny a free Birthday Burger? Hope to see you and your followers soon!

    Red Robin… YUMMM!

    Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

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