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A Peaceful Day on Boggy Creek Airboat Rides

While visiting Kissimmee, Florida for the “chimpanzee” red carpet premiere, not only did I get to spend a day ziplining, I got to go on my first airboat tour! The airboat ride was one of the most relaxing activities of the whole trip.

Photo Credit: Carrie With Children

My first day in Florida was a very fun filled day. We spent our morning ziplining through the forests of Florida, then we had a delicious, and very large lunch at East Lake Restaurant, in Kissimmee, Florida. I actually tried Alligator for the first time! Alligator nuggets were ordered for the table, but one was enough for me. Alligator is a little too chewy for my liking, but the rest of my food was fabulous. After our meal, we split into two groups and went on a very relaxing, and fascinating airboat ride, at Boggy Creek. The airboat rides were provided by Boggy Creek Airboat Tours, and they were phenomenal.

I cannot believe how relaxing it was to ride on an airboat, through the marshes of Florida. The picture above, is of me with, while on the airboat. The airboats are very noisy, so we had to wear noise reduction headphones. Gliding through the beauty, with my hair blowing in the wind, was a blast – headphones and all!

Our driver was so nice, and informative. We learned about the predators of the marsh, and about the interesting pink eggs that the Apple Snails leave at the base of the reeds. They do this to protect them from being eaten by certain animals. I even got a very close up photo of the mama alligator, which is pictured above. I was amazed at the foliage the airboats could ride through. We approach tall reeds and other foliage of the marsh, several times, and I thought for sure we would have to turn around. Nope – those airboats would go right through them, and we never felt a thing.

To end our trip at Boggy Creek, I got a picture of me holding a real “live” baby alligator!! This was a memorable day, that I will never forget!



Disclosure: Disney provided me with a mostly-expense paid trip to Florida, for the “chimpanzee” red carpet premiere. A special thanks to Kissimmee CVB and Boggy Creek Airboat Tours, for these adventures.

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