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Better Homes and Gardens Flower Arrangement Giveaway from FTD

Let me just tell you that it pays to have good friends! A fabulous blogger friend of mine, from, hooked me up with a “free” beautiful flower arrangement from I just LOVE having a bouquet of fresh, and pretty, flowers sitting in my kitchen. I was so excited to see this particular bouquet arrive at my doorstep because I love the colors and I love all of the flowers and fillers. The roses even had a little glitter on them! Most of the flowers (aside from the tulips), are still in excellent shape. This bouquet will be looking fresh for a long time! I have been working on my garden so that some day, I can just cut some flowers from my garden, and stick them in a vase. However, my garden is still a ways off from looking anything like this flower arrangement, as I imagine many of ours are.

To help us out, has some gorgeous flower arrangements. FTD has teamed up with Better Homes and Gardens for a special “Pay It Forward” Mother’s Day Promotion. I got to be the recipient of my friend Melissa’s “Pay It Forward”. Such a lucky girl I am. Who doesn’t love having fresh flowers delivered right to their door?

I think every day should be a day of celebrating Mothers, but why not really show mom that you love and appreciate her with a special bouquet from the Better Homes and Gardens line at – just in time for Mother’s Day?!

To help you all out, ONE LUCKY Clever Housewife reader will win a $50 promo code to purchase a flower arrangement from Because I would love to help make some woman happy this weekend, this giveaway will end at 11:59pm on Thursday, the 10th of May. That way, the code can be used on Friday, and hopefully have Flowers delivered Saturday or Sunday. Contest entry instructions are listed below.

First I’d like to tell you about the Mother’s Day Getaway Sweepstakes on the FTD Flowers Facebook page. One Grand Prize winner will receive a trip for two to Morgan Bay Beach Resort in St Lucia. Prize includes a 4-night stay in a one-bedroom (double occupancy) Oceanview Suite with Morgan Bay’s all-inclusive program for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, unlimited beverages, all on-site activities, nightly entertainment, and more! Um – sign me up please! I believe there are other prizes as well, but why not shoot for the big one?!

If you are wanting to order some flowers, head to This link has some special discounts as well!

Here are the rules for contest entry:

The first entry is the only mandatory entry. All other entries are optional, but will increase your chances of winning. 

1. Leave a comment on this blog post, telling me something that you Love about your Mom, whether she is still in your life or not.

2. “Like” FTD on facebook. Leave a comment on this post, telling me that you’ve completed this step.

3. “Like” Clever Housewife on facebook. Leave another comment stating you’ve done this.

4. Subscribe to the Clever Housewife daily emails (only one per day). Please confirm your subscription via an email sent to your inbox. Then of course, leave a comment telling me you’ve subscribed.


I received a Free Flower Arrangement from FTD, in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own. FTD is also providing the voucher for one Clever Housewife reader.

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Emily Buys


  • I never have to doubt that my mom loves me and cares for me. She has always shown this – that is what I love best about my mom.

  • Liked FTD, liked your page, and I have already subscribed to your emails. 🙂 I love flowers BTW!!

  • i can’t believe nobody has entered, sure that will change .. there are so many things i love about my mom but if i have to say just one it would be her unconditional love & support!

  • I can’t pick just one thing I love about my mom- I love everything about her. I especially love that her house and business are on the market so she can move back “home” to her kids and grandkids, we miss her so much. She’s about 7 hours away, for 6 years now, can’t wait to have her back home and only about 5 minutes away so we can spend more time together.

  • My Mom is the most giving person in the world, without making anyone feel guilty about accepting her kindness. If there were 6 people at a dinner party, and only 5 pieces of pie available, she would convince us all that she didn’t like pie. Love my Mom!

  • I love the fact that at any moment I can pick up the phone and my mom will always be there to help, listen, or just say she loves me!

  • I guess I wasn’t supposed to include all of that info on one comment, so typical of me LOL!


    I was blessed with the most amazing, hard working, dedicated mother in this world! She is the BEST…Hands Down!!!!

    I Love You Mom!!!

  • I love my mother for the fact that she has stuck by my side and hasn’t judged me every time i move away from family. She’s been there for all the ups and downs, and has been a huge rock in my life or i would have already fallen!

  • I love that my mom worked so hard to give us experiences we would grow from.

  • I love that my mom taught me to cook to teach me math. She held my hand through the deliveries of my three children. She always believed in me–even when I didn’t.

  • My mom is always there for me. She helps with my kids and now my grandkids. We all Love her!

  • My mother has passed away but what I remember best about her is that she always had the most optimistic attitude despite having a difficult life and that she never said a bad word about anyone!

  • My mommy is still alive… I love my mom to the moon and back she was thee for me for every delivery of all four grandkids and is always there no matter what my sisuation is. and to be honest i couldnt ask for a better mom then i got!!

  • My Mom and I have a wonderful relationship. We are able to talk and tell each other anything, including when the other may have step out of line (in a nice way of course). It is a relief to a have come to a place in my adulthood where I finally have this sort of friendship with my mother.

  • What do I love about my Mom? I could write a book about it but instead I will share one thing I love and admire about my Mom. Her strength amazes me. I lovr that she is so strong in the face of anything. She has endured so much and survived still smiling. My brother passed away unexpectedly in 2005, only 5 weeks after his wedding. This was my Mom’s only Son & they were very close. Even through her unimaginable pain, her strength carried her through and continues to, to this day. Just a few weeks ago, she was unfairly fired from her management job at Walmart after working there for 18 & 1/2 years. As upset as she is, her strength is still apparent. I can only hope I could handle difficulties in life half as well as she has. Yes, I love the strength I see in my Mom.

  • my mom is the best she is 80 years old lots of grandchildren and greatgrand children she is always there when we need her. she cooks for us when we go over there she doesnt slow down at all. she has 7 children. we can call anytime to talk or just to here her voice she is the best mom in the world. she enjoys all of us especailly when we are all there a whole house full .love u mom

  • Just ONE of the many things I love about my mom – how much she loves my daughter 🙂

  • My mom was a feisty & a fighter… she passed of breast cancer at the age of 31. I was 12 and had two sisters, ages 9 & 6. I still miss her everyday!

  • I love my Mom! She has always accepted me for who I am and has unconditional love for me and my kids 🙂

  • I love everything about my mother! She is a the most amazing person, I have two children of my own and I pray I can be at least 1/2 the mommy she is! (yup, I’m 31, and she still is “mommy” to me) she is my inspiration … She makes me want to be a better person everyday .. Best advice giver too .. I could go on and on!!

  • I love that my mom takes the time to be the best Nana in the world to my kids and that our relationship has evolved to the point that she is my very best friend.

  • I loved that she was a wonderful cook and taught me to be fearless in the kitchen (and in life)!

  • I’m an email subscriber!, and I liked your FB Page…I hope to win this …I love FLowers!!!

  • Growing up my mom gave me a love of the arts…later I married an artist!

  • I love that my mom is always there for me and my children. She goes above and beyond to help me out as much as she can. I don’t know what I would do without her 🙂

  • I would to win these flowers, if possible I would send them to my daughter in law. My son is on the USMC & will be deployed soon. She could use a lot of love right now, as she explains to their 2 children where daddy is.

  • I love that my Mom always tries to help and listen even with all the problems she faces in her life. She never gives up.

    I have liked FTD,already liked Clever House Wife and already subbed via email to her.

  • The one thing I love most about my mother is that I can tell her anything. She is and always has been my best friend. We talk every single day at least once.

  • Wow, Shelia K. My Mom passed away 24 years ago. I have the same memory. She was not a complainer and she never said anything bad about others. I really have to keep working on both of those skills.

  • I love my mom because she is the most wonderful woman in my life. She has been extremely helpful since my 3rd child was born in January.

  • My mom was the most amazing woman I ever met. She was smart, energetic, funny and fiercly protective of her family. Miss her every Mother’s Day.

  • I am blessed that my mom is still in my life! She is a pillar of strength & takes care of my dad, who has MD and has been in a wheelchair for over 10 years! She does it all and I don’t know how she has the strength! I love you MOM!

  • My mother is the tenacious bull-dog who doesn’t let go, in praying for, protecting & doing everything she can for her children. She is a loving example of giving your all for her spouse, my dear daddy who passed away just about a year ago. Standing in the gap = my mother!

  • My mom rocks. Anytime I need her, she is always there for me. No matter what I do, I know she loves me! 🙂

  • I love my Mom because she has been there for me through thick and thin!!!

  • my mom helps me and my sister in so many ways. im due with my fourth baby in june and my husband will be deployed the only thing keeping me sane is knowing my mom will be around to help.

  • My mother …hard to use one word…loving, caring, supportive, wise beyond words…,honest, funny, available – always, stronge, loved & admired by many

  • My mom was the most giving and loving person I’ve ever known.

  • Thankfully my Mom is still alive! She was diagnosed with intestinal cancer in October and had a HUGE portion of her small & large intestines removed along with her appendix and gall bladder. With this surgery she has had many complications and daily side effects, bless her heart. She’s getting ready to celebrate her “79th” birthday on May 16th. I love my Mom as do her other five children. She’s certainly deserving of a bouquet of flowers as beautiful as she is.

  • My Mom is my best friends. She has done so much for me , I could never repay her for everything she has done but she would love some flowers . i wish i had the money to buy some .

  • I love my mom because no matter how far away we live from each other, we still talk every day. She always has time for me!

  • My Mom is the best…she is always there when I need someone to lean on. She is definitely my best friend!!

  • I love my mom for so many reasons!!! She has a direct line to God when she prays! She is 84, was married to my father for 53 years before he passed on. They raised 7 kids. Some of us she is still raising!! 🙂 She is always there for any and all of us! Whats not to love?

  • My mom always taught me to be a strong, independent woman. She instilled in me solid values that I am now trying to teach to my daughters.

  • I love my mother because she is the most gentle, loving, beautiful woman in the world!

  • My mom is my best friend, and the most loved Nanny to my kids. She is always there for me and my babies, in big and small ways, everyday. I feel very blessed. If I win, I intend to give the bouquet to my momma from her grandbabies.

    I have “Liked” Clever Housewife on Facebook.

    I have “Liked” FTD on Facebook

    I have subscribed to Clever Housewife emails.

  • I am the person I am today from what I learned from my Mom in the short time she was here. She passed when I was a teenager.

  • I love how my mom is such an “others” person. She thinks of everyone else before she thinks of herself. She has always been my hero!

  • i subscribe to you and liked ftd on facebook and entered their contest. would love to send this to my elderly mom who hasnt gotten flowers in awhile

  • I love my Mom’s sense of humor. And how she found beauty in the littlest things. I miss her.

  • My mother is a never ending source of strength and light in my life. We have been best friends my entire life and always will be. I cannot possibly do enough to show her the love she deserves.

  • Subscribed to your newsletter and confirmed via email link! <3

  • I met my biological Mom when I was in my late gave me a sense of who I am and I learned about a different kind if family then I grew up in im thankful everyday she chose to have me…)

  • I have always admired my mom for so many things. She sends cards to all her family and friends for their birthdays. She remembers an anniversary of a death and sends a card. Mom’s memory is beginning to fade. Recently, the cards have come after the birthdays or the death anniversaries. She will apologize for her forgetfulness. I love my Mom and she continues to inspire me each and every day to be the best person I can be.

  • I followed all four steps and also would like to say that I admire my mom’s patience. She is ill with Alzheimer’s and still manages to have patience with others.

  • What I love about my mom is she loves me regardless and I am blessed to still have her in my life!

  • This post is for my mother in-law. She is truely an AMAZING woman. After giving birth to 20 children, she should be a saint! She has always been kind to everyone she meets. Even when my husband and I separated for a year, she always told me she loved me as if i were her own daughter.

  • I Love & Respect my Mom so much I dont know where to begin. She is the most loyal,honest,giving & strongest person I know. She raised me on her own with out my father or child support, working 3 jobs at a time sometimes to make sure we had a roof over our head and food in our tummy, but yet she still found the time to send together and lead me down the right path in life and to teach me about faith, God and right from wrong. I Love my Mother with all my heart. Happy Mother’s Day to All!!

  • Every time I try to subscribe to the Clever Housewife email the page says “NOT FOUND ERROR 404”.
    I’ve tried many times, both by clicking the link and by entering my email in the subscription box on the right side of the page.

    Any suggestions?

  • I love the way my mom makes a Donald Duck noise to make me and my kids laugh.

  • When my fiancé passed my mom was the only one who could comfort me. 15 months later she’s still the only person I can talk to when im depressed.

  • I love that my mom (and dad) taught me to be financially responsible. I fully credit them in the fact that my husband will be completely debt free (including house ownership) over a year before I turn 30 without touching our well funded emergency fund or our IRA’s. They taught me to always research before making any sort of purchase, to coupon, and to not try to live like others (which is why we are completely ok being the only of our friends to be cable free, to wait for a good coupon to eat out, etc). The flowers if won though will go to my grandma who is really struggling in more ways than one (financially, emotionally, etc) trying to take care of my grandpa with alzheimers while dealing with her own health problems and taking care of a too large house that she is unable to sell :/ I think it would help brighten her day just a little bit.

  • I loved the way my mother would brush my hair when I was small 🙂

  • I love my Mother In-law, because she has battled cancer and now is at home with hospice but still living… She is a strong and spiritual women..

  • My mom is a wonderful woman who always puts everyone ahead of herself. She’s my best friend. I would to win this for her to brighten up her day. Thank you for the chance!

  • One thing I love about my Mom is that she will always be my mom no matter what.
    One thing I love about my mother in law is that she will also be my mom no matter what.


  • I love everything about my mon she is my best friend. She is who I call whenever I need advice or just someone to talk to I love my mom.
    I have liked ftd and clever housewives on Facebook and have subscribed for the daily emails thanks

  • My mom is gone but she gave the best hugs and she was my biggest fan. She was always there for me. We talked every day…at least once, usually more.

  • My Mom is ashes in a jar at my Dad’s house so if i win these they are getting sent to my Dad’s for her crash marker. But i loved my Mama because not only was she funny,serious and sometimes as all of us Moms get,a bit nutty. She was my confidante,my friend, my everything. She never got to meet her Grandson but i still feel that she is here teaching me things and helping me through just like she would have if she were here. She raised us girls to bust out butts to make a living and keep our lives going,to love and care for others and help where we could. She may not have been perfect,but she was perfect enough for me. <3

    All pre-requisites are met ;D

  • My Mom is not the typical Mom/Grandma which makes her special and one of a kind. She is beautiful to me irregardless, she knows and listens to my kids music and you’d never guess she’s a grandmother of 7. She does her best and I couldn’t ask for more. She’s unique and that’s what I love about my Mom.

  • My Mom is not the typical Mom/Grandma which makes her special and one of a kind. She is beautiful to me irregardless, she knows and listens to my kids music and you’d never guess she’s a grandmother of seven . She does her best and I couldn’t ask for more. She’s unique and that’s what I love about my Mom.

  • My mom passed away about five years ago, but what I loved best about her was that she never met a stranger. She could start talking to anyone, anywhere like she had known them all her life.

  • Well,lets see. I have my mom of almost 39 years. I have my Second Mom who started out as my second grade teacher so from Third Grade on She has been my mom as well, and was there for me when My MOM nearly died when I was in elementary school, when my papa passed and soon after my cousin of cancer. SO I almost lost three loved ones in a short few months. I almost lost my father at age 12.5. Sitting in the LR on the couch watching tv while my mom was in the kitchen cooking, we were watching Wheel of Fortune. Well, part way into it, my daddy had severly slurred speech,and other symptoms of something severe. Well My father that very night at age 34 was having a massive stroke in front of me. It broke my heart and changed my life forever. My dad is still with us, but he was paralyzed on one side. He had to go through intense PT and then he had a massive heart attack in 1994 and in 2004. so Yes, I also have my StepMOM of almost 18 years as well. I love my BIO mom but times have not always been easy since my mom divorced my dad in 1992 due to him having the health issues.:( But I would be able to take these flowers have them sent to me and I could make four amazing arrangements for my MOMs and MIL.:) OH and BTW I am a mom of an almost 13 year old son and 16 year old Daughter. I am a college graduate. Had to drop out of school 4-12-2012 due to health issues, the schools choice not mine. My Husband will have his AA in 2012 and My daughter will graduate with her HS diploma and AA degree in 2014.:D OH I was working on my BS degree in Criminology

  • I love my mom because she is always there for me no matter what. A girl could not ask for more I am very greatful to still have my mom in my life.

  • My Mom is my best friend…She is the one person I can go to for anything!!

  • i love my mommy, shes the best. she had such a rough time in her earlier years and she has grown to be such a stong woman. she will be celebrating her 80th birthday this year. i love you mom! 🙂

  • I love my mom because she loves all of us unconditionally and equally.

  • I love my mom because she has always been there for me. When my husband is deployed, she is always the one I can count on when I need support.

  • I love my mom because she is such a hard working woman. She is such a great example to me and to my children.

  • My mother always put her kids first. She was our biggest fan, and of course I will always Love her. She passed away 4 1/2yrs ago, but a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about her. But on the other hand, I have a great Mothrr-in-law, who has taken me in like her own daughter, and I couldn’t ask for anything better:). So the flowers would be for her.

  • I love that my Mom is always by my side, through my happy and hardest times in life. She is the one I can count on the most!

  • I love my Mom. She has given me so much through the years. She is my friend.

  • I miss my Mom dearly,she passed away one year ago today, i love that i had her for 50 years.

  • I love my mom because she is one of the strongest women I know. She has helped me through some difficult times and I talk to her everyday, she is one of my best friends.

  • I love my mom because every time my family gets even crazier, she just says “oh, Lord” and drives over from Idaho to help me tow the line!

  • I love that my Mom always reserves judgment untill she hears the “whole” story! She also has more patience than any other woman I’ve ever known! I’m SO blessed that she is still with me! She’s not only my Mother..she’s my friend and my confidant too!
    Thank You!

  • She’s always willing to babysit my kiddo so the hubby and I can go out by ourselves. Love that!

  • I love that my mom always has a solution for each problem. She’s the best!

  • My mom is almost 80 years old and lives with me. I couldn’t take care of my 37 year old Special Needs daughter without her. She is such a help with everything and can work circles around me most days!

  • I have subscribed to The Clever Housewife daily emails; liked FTD & Clever Housewife!

  • Already “Like” FTD and The Clever Housewife on Facebook. Also subscribe to the newsletter.

  • My mom is amazing. I’m almost 30 years old and she still bends over backwards to try to help me when I am struggling. She deserves the best. 🙂

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