DIY Cord Basket to Organize Your Computer Cords

 DIY Cord Basket for Computer Cords

It’s remarkable the great ideas folks come up with to make life easier, more organized, more beautiful and yes, tastier. Pinterest is a fun gathering place for those creative souls. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, go on over and check it out – you won’t be sorry. Well, maybe a bit sorry, cuz you might become addicted to the bulletin board of “pinned” ideas.  You can follow Clever Housewife’s boards too, to get some extra “pinspiration.”

I’ve found that many times when attempting to duplicate an idea, you end up with a different set of parameters than what is shown. Just such a thing happened when I attempted to follow this pin, from a Martha Stewart project. The tangle of cords on the floor beneath my computer desk is a source of concern, so I was eager to attempt this little DIY project. To my dismay, I found the under side of my desk was not a flat surface, nor could I find the same kind of basket anywhere in town. So here is what I came up wit

I found an “in” basket which I thought would work perfectly, especially since it has a low profile and would fit above my computer tower on the underside of the desk. I held up the basket and marked with a pencil where to place the hooks. Now, I recommend you start a couple of pilot holes with a nail and hammer, which makes screwing in the hooks ever so much easier. Once I had the hooks screwed into place, I unplugged the cords from the power bar, (make sure your computer is powered off) placed the powerbar in the basket, then I hung the basket into place. Then I carefully replugged in all the cords into the power bar. I felt like a DIY Diva! And – no more cord mess at my feet, under my desk.

Tell me your DIY story and any modifications you’ve had to make to have your DIY project turn out successful.

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