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Makinson Island Tour and Jr Bald Eagle Sightings

Taking a boat to Makinson Island was the perfect ending to my visit to Kissimmee, Florida, for the premiere of “chimpanzee”. We were told we would be hiking on Sunday, and after the very busy week we all had, we weren’t exactly thrilled to be ending our trip with a hike. Well let me tell you, this was more of a leisurely walk through BEAUTIFUL trees, and nature. The boat ride itself, to get to the island, was very peaceful. Many photos were taken, and it was nice to have a moment to sit with the 19 other bloggers, and chat about our amazing week.

Makinson Island is a piece of land off Lake Toho, which is a fabulous location to enjoy nature, picnic, camp, take photos, etc. Camping is very inexpensive on the island, and would be a fun way to spend a weekend, with the family, or with friends. I am in love with the trees on Makinson Island! I don’t think we have anything like these trees, in California.

Right when we approached the island, by boat, there was this gorgeous gazebo, just sitting under the trees. If it is allowed, I think the island could be a fabulous location for an event, or wedding.


As we walked quietly through the trees, we spotted a Bald Eagle’s nest, and a Jr. Eagle, soaring through the trees. I believe I learned that this area of Florida has more Bald Eagles than any other area of the country. I could be mistaken, I know it is a highly concentrated area, for Bald Eagle sightings. I also enjoyed the tons of butterflies that flew all around us, as we walked. Absolutely beautiful!

If you are planning a trip to Orlando anytime soon, you’ve got to check out all that Kissimmee has to offer! I had some of the most amazing, and memorable experiences, exploring Kissimmee. They have everything to offer, from ziplining, for the the adventure seeking, to peaceful airboat roads and alligator spotting, to camping.


Disclosure: Disney provided me with a mostly-expense paid trip to Florida, for the “chimpanzee” red carpet premiere. A special thanks to Kissimmee CVB for these adventures.

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