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My Kids DO Love Me!

I hope you all had a fabulous Mother’s Day! Mine was very busy, and much of it was spent in the kitchen, but it was worth it. I got to share Mother’s Day with my little girl’s 3rd birthday!! Hubby’s 33rd birthday was the day before, so we did lots of eating over the weekend.

I am not a huge fan of breakfast in bed, for Mother’s Day, and my kids know it. I don’t like being woken up early, to eat, and I don’t particularly like eating early in the morning. My kids let me be, but I didn’t want to sleep in long since it was Little Girl’s Birthday! I heard the twins planning and plotting the night before, about some surprise they had for me in the morning. I was curious as to what they were conjuring up, but had to be patient.

When Brielle woke up and ran into my room, we laid in bed and snuggled for a bit. Then in came the twins’ Mother’s Day surprise!


My boys LOVE Trios!!! They build anything and everything out of trios, and they are always out. Sometimes they I wonder if the Trios breed, because I am always finding them everywhere. I thought it was so sweet that the twins had thought to make this sign for me on Mother’s Day. They brought it into my room and set it on the floor for me to see. My kids DO Love me! As a busy mom, who feels like I am often nagging, I sometimes wonder what my kids think and feel. I don’t like a lot of gifts on Mother’s Day, and I especially don’t like a lot of money spent – unless there is something we need. This “I Love You” Surprise was just what I needed! The kids and daddy had another surprise for me later in the day, which I will post a little later on.

What did your family do for you this Mother’s Day, that made you feel special?

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  • Oh wow! That’s terrific 🙂 I’d feel loved, too, if I were you!! Happy Mother’s day!

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