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One of the Best Inexpensive Gifts Ever: Candy Posters!!

Candy Posters


Looking for a fabulous Mother’s Day gift, or a Father’s Day gift? In my family we don’t typically spend a lot of money on these holidays, but try to make up for it in thoughtfulness and love. These Candy Poster Boards are one of the best inexpensive gifts ever – in my opinion! My kids and hubby made this Candy Poster for me, for Mother’s Day, and it melted my heart. I am a lover of candy and CHOCOLATE, and as I said earlier today, I don’t particularly like my family to spend a lot of money on me, for Mother’s Day. This gift was perfect, and I am still enjoying the candy, bit by bit. I don’t know many who wouldn’t enjoy the gift of candy, especially when put with some thoughtful wit.

I recommend going to the store and looking over the candy, to see which types you can come up with witty, or meaningful sentences, for. Then get to work. The added artwork from my kids was also sweet. Little Girl added her own touch with her pink flowers and scribbles.

These Candy Poster Boards are great for any occasion, or just to randomly express your love for someone in your life!

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