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Princess Time Toys: Costumes and Dress-ups Review

How many of you have a dress-up box at your house? I have one and it is a favorite playtime venue. I never know when the kids are going to dig it out and rummage through. I am always amazed that the grandkids still love to dig into my mom’s dress-up box when the cousins get together. Most of hers are old ballet costumes of mine and my sister’s, among other junk she can’t seem to throw out.

Dress-up fosters imagination and creativity. I was recently introduced to Princess Time Toys & Pets, which happens to be owned by a friend of mine! Princess Time carries high quality costumes and dress-ups for your princess and prince. These costumes will enrich your child’s fantasy play and spark their imagination. Some of my fondest memories are of fantasy play and putting together “shows” for my parents and neighbors.

Princess Time Toys & Pets carries most of the beloved fairy tale costumes, including Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Tinkerbell. They also have costume accessories, including tiaras, boas, tutus and superhero capes. All are of high quality workmanship,fabrics and have child friendly Velcro closures. Their costumes are not only for little princes and princesses, but they have teens and
tweens, mom and plus size. 

I’ve purchased princess costumes at some of the bigger department/discount stores and they just don’t hold up or fit well. The Belle Costume I got from Princess Time was far superior to any other princess costume I have purchased. It is made of beautiful satin, crushed stretch velvet and is complete with petticoat and beautiful trim and detail – and it fits (not me though)! As soon as Little Girl put her dress on, she immediately wanted to twirl!

The themed capes – prince, bat and superhero are made of washable crushed velvet lined with a cozy china silk. They’re so easy for the kids to put on and take off by themselves. I may just have to add the pirate and spider capes to my collection!

Princess Time also has a fine collection of 18”doll clothes (like American Girl), Costumes, and Period Dresses. They also have a line of Pet Accessories – anything you may need to take your pet on the road.
Visit the Princess Time Toys and check out the huge variety of costumes and dress-ups. You’ll enjoy browsing their beautiful and unique items for yourself, as well as for gifts for family and friends. These quality costumes can’t be found at your local store. They carry a complete line of princess products, including Disney products.


It took some real convincing to get my little princess to leave her boa home from church!


*I received costumes and dress-ups from Princess Time Toys. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  • Ah, how cute are your kids! Tell them auntie Connie will bring more capes when she comes to visit! 🙂

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