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Hubby and I decided to make good use of the time the boys were at school, and go see Marvel’s The Avengers. We went to the very first showing of the day, because I have been so antsy to see it! My mom watched Little Girl for us, and I’m so glad that is what we decided to go. We both really enjoyed the film, and I still have a bit of a high from it! Do you ever walk out of a movie and just feel energized, almost as if you could take on the world? I do! I love to get lost in a film, and often use it as a way to forget about my troubles. I love a good story to distract me, and captivate me, and make me feel like I am almost IN the movie. We walked out of The Avengers, and I was full of energy, and just couldn’t wait to tell my boys all about it. Every character/hero had their own charm. In fact, all through the movie, I was contemplating which characteristics each hero has, that could be combined to create the ultimate dream man.

Because the movie is PG-13, and definitely a bit much for my 6 and 8 year olds, I won’t take them to see it. BUT I told them ALL about it, when we picked them up from school. They listened so intently, and kept asking me, “what happened next”. Perhaps they were just fascinated with how animated I was getting, but they were very into my story-telling. 😉

If you get a chance to have a date night, you won’t be disappointed with The Avengers. Unless of course, you don’t like ANY action, and don’t like to laugh. There were definitely a few things in the movie that made me, and pretty much the whole audience, just LAUGH OUT LOUD! You can see the trailer below.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film!

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  • How corny am I? I ended up with Capt America. He’s cute and all, but I’d much rather have a date with Thor! See, I always go with the steady as you go guy, and that’s why I’ve been married to the same great man for 41 years. Predictable and comfortable.

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