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Like most moms, my Summer can get a little crazy, a little tedious, and sometimes a little frustrating. I love having the kids home, but I don’t enjoy the fighting and the “I’m bored”‘s. I want to attack this Summer with my version of a Summer Schedule. I am not an overly organized person, and I don’t want to schedule out every minute of every day, for the Summer. However, I want to have a tentative plan of something new and fresh, to do each day. I came up with the Summer Sanity Lifesaver, as a means to give me a direction to go, for each weekday activity.

The Summer Sanity Lifesaver is somewhat of a calendar, but you do not have to fill out each box. If you want to, you can start brainstorming activities for each day, then jot them down, and rearrange them if your mood calls for something different. Now let me explain what each of the headings stand for.

Move It Monday – Every Monday, we will do something to get us moving. We may do fitness, go for a walk, play Just Dance on the Wii, etc.

Tantalizing Tuesday – Tuesday will be our day to get in the kitchen and cook together.

Wonderful World Wednesday – The outdoors will be calling us on Wednesdays. Anything outside goes. While many days will be swim days, we may change things up on Wednesday and have a water fight, or play crochet, etc.

Movie Theatre Thursday – Our movie theatre has discounted kids’ movies on Thursdays (and Wednesdays), so we will be heading to the movies on Thursdays. If we’re not in the mood to spend the money, or brave the chaos, then we will have a movie day at home.

Artful Friday – Arts and Craft day, where we will create something together.

I may decide to sit down with the kids each Sunday, and plan out our activities for the week, or I may wing it. I’d love to hear some of your Summer plans and ideas!


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