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The First Zipline Roller Coaster in the USA – And I Rode It!

I have already told you all about the red carpet premiere of Disneynature’s “chimpanzee”, but I have yet to report on the other adventures I got to take part in, while in Florida. I got to experience some of the most amazing activities of my life. My Disney Florida trip is one that I will never forget. 20 bloggers and myself, were toted around Kissimmee, Florida, for adventure after adventure. Our first full day of adventure included a stop at Florida EcoSafaris. I had a BLAST here!

I can’t wait for you to see my video of my EcoSafaris adventures, but first I wanted to tell you a bit about each of the attractions.

Zipline Safari: The biggest zipline adventure in Central Florida, which is approximately 2-2.5 hours long. Coast over the 4700 acre Forever Florida Wildlife Conservation Area, including a 13 foot Alligator!

Cypress Canopy Cycle: Pedal through the Florida Pine Flatwoods, while suspended from a network of high tension steel cables.

The Rattlesnake: The first ever zipline roller coaster. This begins at a 65 foot high platform, which takes you soaring up and down and around 1000 ft feet of thrilling adventure.

Peregrine Plunge: Also known as the SuperManZip, which is the longest straightaway zipline in Florida, at a whopping 1,300 feet. Two lines are placed side by side, so two can race their way to the finish.

Panther Pounce: Step off of a 68′ platform for a safely controlled freefall!

Swooping Crane:  Get lifted up to 55′ and pull the rip cord when you are ready, to be sent into a state of freefall, before soaring back and forth through the Florida trees.

For those who are looking to stay on the ground, or perhaps on Horseback, you can check out the Horseback Safari and Coach Safari. On both adventures, you will travel through nature to view Florida’s animals and creatures. While away from my family, I was looking for a bit more adventure, and adventure and thrill is what I got. I am so happy that I was brave enough to seize these once in a lifetime opportunities. I am also very grateful for the gorgeous Global Resort Homes that we had to go to each night, when our full days had come to an end. However, I would LOVE to take hubby with me sometime, so we can do all of this together!

You can see all of my photos and ziplining footage below:


Disclosure: Disney provided me with a mostly-expense paid trip to Florida, for the “chimpanzee” red carpet premiere. A special thanks to Kissimmee CVB and Florida EcoSafaris, for these adventures. 

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