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Artful Friday: Stop Motion Movie

With the Summer Sanity Lifesaver Schedule that I created, we designated Fridays to be Artful Friday. Every Friday, the kids and I are going to try to come up with something artsy to do or make. For our first Artful Friday, we decided to try our hand at a stop motion movie. This was much easier than I anticipated! The only problem you might incur is if your kids get antsy and want to move too much at one time.

We had so much fun bringing this video to life, and we were all able to do it together. One of my kids’ favorites toys are Fisher-Price Trios, so we thought they would make for the perfect first stop motion video – in fish form.

To bring anything to life on it’s own, you just need to make minor movements. Take a photograph of every small movement that you make, then run all the photos together so it looks like the item(s) are actually moving on their own. The trick is to get your hands off the item and take the picture, so it looks like the item got to that new place on it’s own.


Enjoy watching the kids’ toys come to life!!


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