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Do-Over Moments Such As Wedding Photography Gone Wrong

Sometimes in life, we make a choice that doesn’t yield the best result. Then, we tend to agonize over how we could have done things differently, to give us better results. Unfortunately, we don’t have a time machine to go back and repair those do-over moments that we have in our minds. I don’t have a lot of regrets in life, but there are definitely a few things that I wish I would have done differently. One of those do-over moments for me would be my wedding photos. 

Hubby and I decided to get married around 5pm, in late November, so we could have some fun evening photos with the sun setting. We chose a fabulous photographer (so we thought), whom did our engagement photos, which turned out amazing! We got so many compliments on our engagement photos and we thought we really struck gold for our wedding photographer. Oh boy was that an understatement. Before the ceremony, our photographer wanted to rush and get a few photos. There was a bit of rain earlier in the day, so the sky was gorgeous. However, we were running behind and my hair was a mess, my jewelry wasn’t on yet, and I didn’t even have my shoes buckled. Boy am I grateful that we got a couple of shots though, because they are the only ones that turned out! 

What our photographer didn’t realize was that you can’t take a fancy camera in and out of cold weather, without some difficulty. I guess the cold did something to the shutters, and they were – well, off. The majority of my photos came out blurry or with a line down the middle of them, just like the photo above. The other problem with my photos, is that the photographer had us take a lot of them indoors where the lighting was horrible. Since I don’t plan on getting married all over again, and we have aged a tad, this is one do-over that I won’t be able to make happen. So for those of you who are planning to hire a photographer for a special occasion, make sure you get recommendations from people you know and find someone who’s very professional. 


I was devastated when I found out my photos were ruined. Had I known this photographer would mess things up, I would have chosen differently. Thankfully, there are some choices we can make in life, that are full-proof right?

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  • Unfortunately my parents did. She didn’t give them a discount either. We knew her family so it was and still is kind of awkward. Instead, she offered up her dad to photograph our reception at my parent’s house. He took photos for the military YEARS before. These were also less than satisfactory. :-/

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