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Finished Flooring Product from Glines Carpet One Floor & Home

If you recall, I recently had a paint spill down my stairs and onto the first floor – courtesy of Little Girl. She decided it would be fun to carry a gallon of paint upstairs, to be helpful to mommy, so I could paint her room. Things didn’t go quite as planned, and my carpet was soaked through to the pad. That meant new flooring to me! I never liked the carpet in this house, but we weren’t exactly prepared to replace it quite yet. What’s done is done, and I absolutely LOVE my new floors! I decided to go ahead and get laminate flooring throughout the downstairs and into the kitchen. We left my oldest’s room alone, but did the rest. I had the guys use some of the nicer pieces of carpet that I removed, and use them on the stairs, so I wouldn’t have to get new flooring for them. It worked out great! Here is the after photo of the stairs. 

I talked earlier about going into Glines Carpet One Floor & Home, and how easy it was to shop there, and pick out my new floors. Not only were they fabulous in the store, but the two guys who did the installing were some of the nicest guys. They let me take pictures of them, chatted with me, and were just really friendly and professional. If you are in the Sacramento area, you really should check them out. When I called my homeowner’s insurance, they sent some guy out from Sacramento to estimate and give us a quote, but I just knew it wouldn’t be a good fit. I’m glad I went with my gut. If you have accidents such as these, don’t let your insurance company make you think that you have to go with their guy – you have a choice! I love using local businesses when possible!

I’d love to hear what you think. Do you love my new floors? This first photo is my living room before we got the piano and other furniture into the room.

This is a shot of the kitchen, from the family room. Take note of that bare corner because I am in the middle of a fun project, to help fill the gap.

And here is a photo of the family room. It’s actually quite a bit larger than what this photo makes it seem like, but I wanted to emphasize on the floors, and not my bulky furniture. I am in love! I think I chose the color wisely, so it doesn’t show every single footprint and mark.


Glines Carpet One Home & Floor gave me a promotional discount to thank me for posting about my flooring experience. All opinions expressed are my own.”

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