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Fresh Produce Clothes: Comfortable and Classy


Are you like me who always spends time at an online Women’s clothing store and looking for that perfect piece of clothing that is both comfortable and classy? I love shopping online and so glad that I found maria b in uk on this website. I was recently introduced to Fresh Produce Clothes and as soon as I started browsing their collection of Women and Children’s clothing, I just new that we would get along. All of their items just look so comfy, and several would also make great Womens Travel Skirts! I was told to pick out my top three choices of what I’d like to review, and it really was a tough choice. Because I was very much in need of a new skirt, I went with the Tango skirt. I thought the fabric looked nice and cool, stretchy enough to go along with my constantly changing weight, and CUTE!

My skirt arrived so extremely fast and I was not disappointed. My skirt is in Cool Breeze, which is such a refreshing cool blue. I probably gained a few pounds since I ordered my skirt, and it doesn’t even matter! The skirt stretches, is thin and cool for Summertime, and I got several compliments on it when I went out today. Unlike many skirts that I own, I just wanted to stay in my Tango Skirt all day long, because it was so comfortable! Now that is what I call good clothing!

Be sure to keep Fresh Produce in mind when looking for a beach cover-up or womens skirt.

Other than the fun clothing, something else that I love about Fresh Produce Clothes is that Fresh Produce is co-founded and run by a mom entrepreneur, Mary Ellen Veron and is primarily made in the USA.  You can find clothing sold in Fresh Produce stores ’and more than 500 specialty retailers throughout the US and Caribbean. 

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  • That sounds like something I’d be interested in! I’m all about comfort and with my weight fluctuating (doing down…hopefully not back up again…until I get preggers LOL) I think that skirt would be a great piece to add to my wardrobe!!! Thanks for posting such a good review!

  • I’m definitely going to check out their website! I really love to put on a cute skirt with some cute sandals or flip flops and run around town with my kiddos on a Saturday. I just read this review, I know it’s cold outside right now, but here in Louisiana, it won’t last that long! LOL!! Thank you!

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