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Gain Hawaiian Aloha Laundry Detergent – Pick a Scent that Fits Your Personality

For me, the way my laundry smells is super important. I recently got the Gain Hawaiian Aloha Laundry Detergent and I am in love! I used to think that there was only one laundry detergent out there that could get my clothes, towels and bedding to smell really well. With three active boys, I just know that the day they need to start wearing deodorant, their laundry is going to need an extra boost.

I was given several Gain samples to sniff and pick a bottle to try, from the scents. I chose a bottle of Gain Hawaiian Aloha laundry detergent, and it is heavenly. I have never been to Hawaii, but just having the Hawaiian smell around makes me smile. Someday I will take my family to Hawaii or to some other tropical island. The idea of sitting on the sand with the sand coming up between my toys, drinking a fruity and cold drink, is so appealing! There is a tropical drink at Red Robin that the Hawaiian Aloha scent actually reminds me of. I don’t splurge and get this drink very often, but it is one of my favorite drinks – the Hawaiian Heart Throb Smoothie.┬áNow my clothes and other laundry can remind me of this relaxing thought and drink, and help put me at ease! It also reminds me of girls night out, which is when I often order my tasty drink!

With the many new scents that Gain laundry detergent come in, you can pick a scent that helps represent the uniqueness of you and your family. Being unique or ‘anything but ordinary’ in life, love or family, is so important. Head over to the I Love Gain site and pick a scent that fits your personality. Leave a comment here on this post with your response!


I received a free bottle of Gain laundry detergent, to help facilitate my post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  • OK, I reside in Hawaii so I will pick one up next time. I guess I missed seeing it on the shelf

    Aloha ! Thanks !

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