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John’s Incredible Pizza: Great Fun and Food

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I am so grateful to my sister who introduced my family and I to John’s Incredible Pizza, a few years ago. We fell in love after our first visit. I only wish I lived closer so that we could enjoy the food and fun, more often. It is truly a special treat when we get to tell the kids that we are making a visit to the Roseville, CA location of John’s Incredible Pizza. We all have an amazing time! I turn into such a kid, playing all of the arcade games and trying to collect as many tickets as we can. I kind of think of John’s Incredible Pizza as a glorified Chuck E. Cheese’s. I think the food is better, the arcade games are better, AND they have a few rides, including a miniature bowling alley!!

Just last week I was able to take my family to John’s Incredible Pizza, with my sister and 3 of her kids. Here is what a day at John’s Incredible Pizza looks like for my family.

We walk in and ooh and awe over all of the food and lights. Then we try to decide which themed room we will eat in. We often pick one of the kids’ rooms that has cartoons playing on the televisions. Then we split up and start piling our plates with the all-you-can-eat buffet. I typically start with a nice big salad, because their salad bar is phenomenal! I believe they have the best salad topping selections of anywhere I have been. This photo really only captures half of the salad bar, because I couldn’t fit it all into one frame! I also figure that if I attempt at filling up on salad, I just MIGHT consume less calories. Doesn’t quite happen because John’s Incredible Pizza has so many great pizza choices.

We typically help the kids load up their plates with pastas, pizzas and breadsticks. The pastas are good, breasticks are great, and the pizzas are even better! The kids always have to have a bit of macaroni & cheese – it’s like a rule. I just love the fun pizzas that we have to choose from. You have your typical pepperoni, hawaiian, meat, and things like that, but then you’ve got your Fiesta Pizza, Nacho Pizza, and wait for it – Spicy Peanut Butter Pizza! You got that right – which, by the way, is AMAZING!

I had them hold a little bit of the spice for me, and it was perfect. It truly has peanut butter on it, which you don’t see, but can surely taste. MMmm!! Of course, I also had to try the Macaroni & Cheese Pizza – just to say I did. I was pleasantly surprised and it just may have been my favorite (or second or third favorite) pizza. I also really enjoyed their White Pizza. Great flavors!

Then we typically go have fun with all of the games and rides. The kids did the bumper cars, kiddie bowling, and won nearly 1,000 tickets. I get kind of excited and eager to win a lot of tickets too, so I play the games along with the kids. Maybe it’s the competitive side of me – I don’t know. We have a GREAT time though. The rides do take a lot of credits, so each of the kids got to do one ride, and shared a round of bowling. Rather than having to deal with coins and tokens, credits are placed onto a card, that you can swipe on each of the games. It is so easy and convenient. We had two cards among all of us, to share, and it worked out great. It kept us all close to one another, and we rarely had to wonder where someone went. We spent a good 3 hours there I think!

When we cash in all of our tickets, each of the kids got to pick a prize or two. Then we headed into the buffet for dessert. The kids always love the soft serve ice cream, and I have a soft spot for their sugar donuts! Mmm

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John’s Incredible Pizza provided me with some discounts, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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