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10 Random Things About Me

Because I chat with many of you on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, I thought you might like to learn a few things about me. When you’ve finished reading my list of 10 random things about me, I’d love for you to leave a comment with some random things about you!

1. I am a fairly good pianist and even got a minor in music.
2. I wore braces (on my top teeth) for 9 months, in high school, but two of my top teeth are still crooked.
3. I love almost all genres of music, because I just love music!
4. I don’t tan – I only burn.
5. I was in a head-on collision in college, and get quite a few headaches as a result of it (at least I think that’s where many of them stem from).
6. I have been hit by a car while walking. I actually had a jerk reaction to try and stop the car with my hand and ended up getting a bone separation in my shoulder. lol
7. I think I have gross toenails and try to always keep them painted.
8. My second toe is longer than the first. I have heard that this is a sign of intelligence.
9. I really enjoy movies, and many types, but prefer romance, comedies and musicals.
10. I have never had any credit card debt. I have used my credit cards before, but have always paid them in full, each month I have a charge.

Now your turn!

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  • Love this!! Always heard for the older folks that the second toe longer than your big toe means you are the boss in your family!! LOL!!

  • My comments to your “10 Random Things About Me”

    1. I created (and self recorded) a few piano pieces, and was in choir every year from 7th grade to graduation in spite of the fact that I never learned how to read music. I still haven’t learned to read music to this day.
    3. Same here, except for heavy metal and rap, though there is NO genre of music that I don’t like at least ONE song (in rap, it would be ‘A Nightmare On My Street’).
    4. When I was a kid I was the exact opposite. I would tan so dark that one baby picture of me makes me look black, literally.
    5/6. I’ve been in over 10 car accidents, though two of them was when I was driving, both times was before I got my license, and the one time it WAS my fault there was no other vehicle involved (only a phone pole). Since I got my license in 1987, I have been in zero accidents, and in none of them were there any injuries.
    7. Same here, but no polish. lol
    8. I’m not sure I’d want an intelligent toe… 😉
    9. Also same, except scifi, horror and action. Typical guy stuff, though I’m not so much into war movies or westerns, with the exception of old Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns.
    10. Never had a credit card. lol

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