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Nintendo 3DS Review + Pokemon Rumble Blast And Tetris: Axis

When I heard about the Nintendo 3DS, I rolled my eyes and continued to play on my DS, thinking that it wasn’t worth the money. Then I played it. It was a lot better than I had expected! One of the reasons I had been absolutely sure I wouldn’t like it was because of the 3D, which often tends to give me a headache. For a while I just played with the 3d off (having that togglable was a great idea!), but then for the sake of seeing what all the fuss was about, I turned it back on. After finding the right angle, I have to admit it was pretty cool. Not so much that it detracted from the games, but enough that every so often I would admire something that was “popping out”.  3D graphics are not all this handheld brings to the table though. The Nintendo 3DS also has a great connect system to enable you to play with friends – plus, it is compatible with the regular DS! It can connect to the DS and play games for it! So for those of us who already have a DS with games we love, we won’t have to worry about not being able to play them if we swap over to the 3DS.

One of the games I played on the 3DS was Pokemon Rumble Blast. In this game you control wind up Pokemon toys. You mostly go around different levels and fields defeating and befriending other Pokemon, and then you can go to the Rumble Arena for a real test of what you can do. It was pretty simple and easy to understand and I spent most of the time merely mashing the attack buttons. Still, it was a lot of fun. The graphics were cute, and it was cool watching the Pokemon wind up with the 3D on.  I didn’t have to think too hard, no complicated puzzles or anything (from what I played at least), and that was kind of nice. I could just relax and play without having to stress out about what to do and where to go next.

I also played Tetris: Axis. If you’ve played Tetris before, well, this is might sound familiar.  Blocks fall from the top and you have to position them so that the line up horizontally. Once you line a whole row up, they can disappear and keep you from reaching the top, or in other words a game over. Sometimes it’s nice to go back to the good ‘ol games. I personally liked seeing the familiar set up, and playing it brought back a sense of nostalgia. The 3D graphics did give it it’s own touch though. So while it was similar to any other Tetris game, it also had a uniqueness to it that I really liked.

You can purchase the Nintendo 3DS on Amazon for $186.93. You can also find Pokemon Rumble Blast ($34.54) and Tetris: Axis (on sale for only $15.54).


Nintendo provided me with promotional items, faciliate my review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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