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Android X Otterbox Review

Otterbox Review

I have always felt slightly behind the times when it comes to technology. It’s not because I don’t want the latest and greatest technology, but I am usually very careful with what I spend my money on, and it takes me a while to justify spending it on devices and it’s accessories. It wasn’t until last July that I finally got my first smart phone – the Android X. Then it wasn’t until this past Spring that I actually started texting. I have loved my phone and it’s features, but knew I needed to do something more to protect it. My kids often snatch my phone when I’m not looking, and start playing games (Angry Birds) and other things. Of course, my phone has dropped a time or two as well. After hearing a lot from friends about THE “Otterbox”, I figured I needed to see what the fuss was about.

About two weeks ago, I received my very first Otterbox, and I feel so cool! Let me tell you – if you are going to spend oodles of money to have a fancy phone, then you really should make sure you are protecting it. Why the Otterbox? Let me tell you. I honestly feel like I could throw my phone across the room and have it be okay, when protected by the Otterbox phone case. I haven’t been quite brave enough to give this a try, but it really is more protected than any other case I have seen. Rather than just a hard or rubber cover over the phone, there is a system. There are three pieces to my Otterbox case: a back, a front which includes a plastic screen to cover the phone’s original screen, and a rubber cover to cover up all of the technical stuff. The front and back pieces snap into place, with the phone in between them. The Otterbox case does make your phone slightly bulkier, but well worth it. Otterbox cases are very phone specific, so they can fit your phone like a glove. I truly feel like my phone is very protected. Another bonus is that the phone case comes with it’s own holder, to stick on your belt loop or wherever you need.

The only downfall that I have seen with the Otterbox, which are still worth it, are that it can be a bit of work to get the case off, if you need to get to your phone’s battery or SD card for some reason. This is only problematic if you have a problem with your phone freezing up a lot, in which case you need to remove the battery to reboot it. I had this problem for a bit, but it seems to have resolved, which causes me not to have issue with the case. I would also like to add that you want to make sure the Otterbox screen protector is nice and clean before you stick your phone inside, otherwise you may have smears or marks covering your screen, and you can’t get to them from the outside of the case.

Otterbox is really a fabulous case that one should protect their phone with. Phones can be expensive, especially when you add the monthly charges onto them, so make sure yours is taken care of. Warranties run out, and often don’t cover everything you need it to, so take care.

Oh yeah – AND they have cases for your other electronic devices!


Otterbox provided me with a phone case, to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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