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Fashion Show: Barbie Clothing For Little Girls

Fashion Show: Barbie Clothing For Little Girls

I have been lucky enough to get to raise a little girl after three very active boys (who I am also still raising). Having a little girl is a totally different ball game and it is so much fun! One thing about my little girl, who is 3, is that she LOVES LOVES LOVES clothes! She came out very girly, and loving all things pink. Shopping and changing her outfit throughout the day has just kind of been innate in her. When Brielle was no more than 18 months, my mom took her shopping at Michael’s, or somewhere similar. My mom was holding Brielle, who was looking another little girl up and down. Without taking her eyes off of the little girl (also in her mom’s arms), she said, “Pretty dress!” “And Cute Shoes!” I knew early on that we would be in for it with her and shopping!

Because of Brielle’s love of clothes, she learned very young how to dress herself. That is a blessing and a curse! If I stock her drawers full of outfits she loves, then it isn’t so much of an issue.

Mattel has released a new Barbie Clothing line, for little girls. There are several pieces that you can mix and match. Not only are the Barbie Clothing items adorable and super girly, they are sold at Walmart, at amazing prices! You can stock your girls’ drawers full of super cute clothes at affordable prices.

Brielle received a package in the mail, which contained three different Barbie shirts, a skirt that could be worn with all three shirts, and a Barbie Digital Camera. She was in HEAVEN! She could not wait to try them all on, and snap pictures with her new camera. The clothes are easy for her to get on herself too!

If Brielle had to pick her favorite outfit in the Barbie Clothing Line, it would definitely have to be the skirt and one of the pink shirts. She loves all things pink! I personally loved the little blue t-shirt with the puffy sleeves.


When I told my daughter that I wanted her to try all of her Barbie clothes on and do a fashion show, she was ecstatic! I even swapped out hair clips for each outfit. She felt so pretty, and we had a lot of laughs. It was a fun bonding experience that each mother should have with their daughter(s).


“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Barbie Clothing. I received a sample package to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”


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