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Demi Lovato Concert and Hallmark Text Bands

This past month, I was able to do something very cool, with one of my children. I was given the opportunity to pick one child to bring with me to a private Demo Lovato Concert and to try out the new Hallmark Text Bands. None of my children have ever been to a concert before, so it was tough to decide who to bring. Luckily my kids made it easy on me – one of the twins made it very clear that he wanted to go more than the others.

So Cartiepants and I embarked on our journey by traveling to San Jose, CA, for a private event. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but knew that we had to be in great hands because the event was headed up by Hallmark!

When we arrived to the college campus where the event was being held, we were rounded up into a small and intimate meeting room, filled with colorful bean bags, kid-friendly food such as pizza and mac & cheese, and these very cool text bands. Hallmark is just coming out with a new product, which is the first of it’s kind – the text band. Cartiepants and I both received our own bands to wear. Each band can hold up to 24 messages at one time, with each message being up to 10 characters long. We were immediately taught how to input our own secret messages into our text bands. Once we both had a message into our own bands, we were taught that by bumping fists or bands, or high fiving, our messages would switch places with one another. The message that I had in my band would hop over and appear for Cartiepants to read, on his own band – and vice versa! How cool is that?


After getting settled into our bean bags, and grabbing some food to eat, we were graced with Demi Lovato’s presence, for a photo opp. I have been hunting all over for the photo we took with her, and will post it as soon as I find it. After taking photos with Demi, we got to sit down and enjoy a small and intimate private concert, with the acoustic guitar. She was fabulous to listen to, and it was a real treat for the adults and the kids. After a few songs, Demi answered questions from the kids, and shared some great info about the text bands. Demi was also wearing a text band, and made sure to tell the kids to use the bands for good, and for kindness. The text bands are a fun way for younger kids, 6-12, to express themselves with their friends. I think it is also important to make sure they use their bands for good, and to share kind messages. We were able to bring home a couple of extra bands, so each of my kids have one, and they love to send each other goofy messages – and they have fun with it.

After the private event, we headed into the big auditorium for a full-on concert. The opening act was Hot Chelle Rae, follwed by Demi Lovato. Hot Chelle Rae was so fun to listen to! Demi took about an hour to come out after the opening act had finished, so we only stuck around for one song and left. Too much waiting around, and since we got a private concert, we were good to go.

It was definitely a fun filled evening, and some great one on one time with my Cartiepants.

You can find the new Hallmark Text Bands in Hallmark Crown Stores


Hallmark provided me with text bands and the backstage passes, to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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