DIY Felt Flower Hair Clip

DIY Felt Flower Hair Clip


I got into the crafting mood the other day when one of my readers challenged me to make some hair clips. I posted about my first Felt Flower Hair Clip a few days ago, but made a few more styles that I want to share with you. This here is Felt Flower Hair Clip Style #2. I took my cues from  Make It and Love It, once again – who had some fabulous ideas.

I purchased my felt by the sheet at Joann’s for only $.34 per sheet. That makes these clips super inexpensive to make, considering it took less than a quarter of the sheet to make one! I will try to sketch up a template a little later, but you can always try free handing the flowers like I did.

You will need one style of flower in three different sizes, for stacking. Then you will need just one tulip shaped piece of felt in a different color. This piece will serve as the leaves, by placing the stacked flowers over the bulk of the tulip shape, leaving only the tips sticking out.

Once I have a template, I cut it out and pin it on top of a small piece of felt. The pin helps to hold the template in place while I cut.

After all the shapes are cut out, stack the three different flower sizes on top of the tulip shape.

I attach the pieces together with a needle and thread. To jazz the flower up a little, I look for a cute button or beat to place in the center of my flower. In this instance, I used a button. Start by threading a needle with some embossing thread, and tying a knot at the end.

Once your needle and thread are ready, go up through the bottom of your flower and through the layers, and up through the first button hole. Pull your thread all the way through, until your knot at the end hits the bottom piece of felt. Then take your needle down through a different button hole. Keep repeating the process until you are sure your button and felt pieces are secured in place. Finish on the underneath side of the bottom layer, by tying a knot or two, and cutting any remaining string.

To attach the flower to a clip, I need one more small piece of felt. I used a bit of hot glue to attach this extra piece to the underside of the flower, while sliding the top of the clip – open, under the extra piece. I make sure the clip is in place before gluing the remainder of the felt extra down to the flower. Take care not to get hot glue on the top AND bottom of the clip, or it could be glued shut. I hold the clip open while I wrap the felt around the top half of the clip, and secure it to the flower.

You’ve got yourself a sweet looking flower that can be attached to headbands or straight in the hair. Have fun playing with different colors too!

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  • That was wonderful Emily!

    It surely brought back old memories of how I used to do the same with so many things, mainly lying at home and not in use, when my kids were that young. And they just loved wearing such clips and even necklaces or hairbands. I guess there’s such a lot you can do with girls – isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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