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I just wanted to let you all know that I am pretty done with facebook. I will check in on there on occasion, but I will not be easily found to chat with there. I feel that facebook makes change after change – almost on a weekly basis, that I can’t keep up. To be honest, almost every two weeks, something different happens to where I have to find a new way to post to facebook, so the most readers see it. It is not fun for me anymore. Is facebook trying to control the world? Well, I’m not going to let it control me.

Now facebook is wanting business pages to pay to have more people see posts. This is one thing I am hearing around the block anyway. I went from having 2-3,000 people seeing my posts within an hour, to only 300-600. Facebook says the same number of people will eventually see posts, but it could take up to 3 days to reach those numbers. That means that if I am posting a deal, you may see it 2 days too late! Not cool in my book!

For those of you who aren’t leaving facebook, I will still have content there. I just will not personally be on my page 24/7 like I nearly am now. My posts will autofeed to facebook, and I will check in once or twice per day, but that’s it. The cool action will be on the other networks.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE chatting with you all on facebook, and have so much fun with you all. I learn so much from you and have many laughs. I don’t want this to stop. So I am asking you to please follow me on Twitter and Google+. I am not on Google+ as much right now, but I am going to learn. I hope you will come and learn with me. Twitter is great, but sometimes you need more than 150 characters to say what you want to say, which is why we must learn Google+.

The other thing that I ask of you is to subscribe to my feed and my daily emails. Only one email goes out per day, with that day’s posts. You will get a confirmation email that you need to click on, to verify your subscription. You can also just try to remember to come visit my blog. Bookmark me and check in and say hi! I will reply to any comments on my blog posts, so we can chat that way too.


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  • I too am really aggravated about the way Facebook controls over how many people see our posts. If you have 9000 subscribes they only let 400 see what you posts. Whats the point. Its almost ridiculous and I refuse to pay for someone to see what I write. Just crazy when the whole reason they subscribed was to get content and stay up to date

  • I’ve noticed that people who see my posts have gone down. It’s driving my crazy that no one is seeing my post! If someone has to pay to see what I write on Facebook, then what’s the point of businesses being on Facebook? They’re gonna lose a lot of “Likes” because businesses aren’t gonna wanna pay just for Facebook! Geez. Me thinks Facebook is getting too big for its britches.

  • if people keep saying Facebook is going to charge, then why does it say on their home page “its free and always will be”? just a thought

  • I don’t think users will have to pay to use facebook. Frankly, I don’t think businesses will have to pay either, but it wouldn’t surprise me for facebook to charge them to have their posts seen by MORE people. Initially it is free, but if you want more, then it may cost. I don’t know if I agree with this, but they have definitely made changes that don’t help businesses.

  • Facebook actually contacted me to tell me if I wanted more views on my business page that I must set up a Facebook Ad account. It cost like $0.28 for someone to click on your ad and if they decide to like your page it cost another $0.55! I did it for one day to see if it would help my business and set my advertising limit to $10 a day. It barely lasted an hour and it never helped my business. It’s ridiculous they want small or home based businesses to pay. Doesn’t Mark Z. and his team make enough money off Corporate businesses?

  • On a page’s insights, it allows you to see how many people have seen your post, either because it went to their wall, or because a friend of their’s liked and commented on it and they looked on the newsfeed or their friend’s post. It also has a little green section for people who see it because you paid to have them see it. Be that through advertising, or because they plan to start charging pages to get their info out, it’s just plain wrong. I was thinking of going exclusively to google+ myself, so I’ll be happy to follow you there.

  • Awww, man. I’ll miss you, but I am subscribed to your emails and I’m going to frequently stalk your blog for recipes. I’m still obsessed with those enchiladas. lol

  • I am really annoyed with facebook as well. To add to what has already been said, if your page has under 100 likes then no one can see your posts. Thankfully I have much more than that but it’s frustrating nonetheless. How can a page grow if no one can see it? I get frustrated because I usually get less than ten likes or comments on each thing that I post when I have over 1,100 page likes. Now I know that not everyone will respond to everything but I used to get a better response to my posts when I had fewer page likes before they started all of this.

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