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John’s Incredible Pizza in Buena Park, California

A couple of months ago, I wrote a review of John’s Incredible Pizza Co. In Roseville, California. My family loves this place so much, and the people there are so wonderful that they offered to let me try all of their locations, if given the opportunity to travel. Just this month, I travelled to Southern California to review LegoLand with the kids and their babysitter.

Since we were driving about an 8 hour drive, I knew we would arrive around dinnertime. I thought, why not take this opportunity to check out the other John’s Incredible Pizza Co. locations! I looked them up and discovered a John’s Incredible Pizza Co. in Buena Park, California. That is where Knott’s Berry Farm is, and it was right on the way. We even decided to book a hotel here, and make the little jaunt over to LegoLand, in the morning. Just FYI, the Red Roof Inn, which is now a Days Inn, in Buena Park – not a good choice!

John’s Incredible Pizza Co. was just what the kids needed to get their wiggles out after an 8 hour drive! They were more than excited. The staff was wonderful and took such great care of us. The manager on duty even took us on our own little tour of the place, before getting settled in.

The Buena Park location felt a bit bigger than the Roseville Location, but also busier. The layout is a little different, and I have to say that I prefer the Roseville layout because I feel less likely to lose a child. This location definitely had some great bonuses though! They have more dining rooms, to accommodate more people, or give you more space perhaps. Most of the food is the same, but they sometimes get new items before the other locations. They even have different games. The one pictured above is a game I have on my phone, so my son was excited to see a full size version of it!

This game right here (I so wish I could remember the name) was awesome! Roseville didn’t have this game, but it is my favorite. It is a floor game where you do everything with your feet. You can select your game from soccer, to hockey, to whack a mole. You do it all with your feet – so much fun!

I got to try the Garlic Pesto pizza for the first time, and it was super tasty!

Of course, what John’s Incredible Pizza Co. wouldn’t be complete without the Spicy Peanut Butter Pizza. It is seriously really good!

John’s Incredible Pizza Co. has their own House Dressing, which I never noticed before. It was pretty good actually.

And of course, the dessert bar! I felt like Buena Park may have had more options than the Roseville location. My favorite are always the little donuts with powdered sugar. They make them fresh right there!

This is one of the many dining rooms. Each room has a theme, and we chose one of the kids’ rooms. They have large screen tvs, with kids’ shows playing.

If you happen to be in the Southern California area, or visiting Knott’s Berry Farm, John’s Incredible Pizza Co. n Buena Park, is a great place to go. They have all-you-can-eat buffets with amazing salad bars, pizza, pasta and dessert. Then you can choose how much money you want to spend and play games until your heart’s content. They don’t have a lot of the big rides, but there are definitely a few. A pizza place with indoor bowling? Why not!

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John’s Incredible Pizza provided me with some discounts, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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