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New And Improved Polly Pocket by Mattel

New and Improved Polly Pocket by Mattel

Isn’t this the cutest little Polly Pocket House you’ve ever seen? You have to see the new and improved Polly Pocket by Mattel, because they have really made some great improvements. I have to admit that Polly Pocket used to be one of those toys that I worried about getting my daughter, because of all of the tiny pieces. I just knew for sure that all the pieces would get lost – as cute as they were.

Mattel has solved this problem for me! Want to know how? Mattel has created the Polly Pocket Hangout House Playset and Stick N Play Room Assortment. Every single Polly Pocket piece has a suction cup on the bottom or back of it!! Because of the smooth surface that the Polly Pocket house is, each item will safely suction to the surfaces. They are not difficult to remove for continuous play either.

The Polly Pocket Hangout House is also cool because you can add house additions on any side you’d like, to keep expanding the Polly Pocket House! The additional platform pieces just slide right underneath the main house. The only downfall is that these additions are not super secure. If you or your daughter want to pick the house up and carry it around, do so with caution. The suctioned pieces may not handle a lot of transportation well either. One thing Mattel could improve on is have a storage place within the house somewhere, to store the small pieces such as food, dishes and shoes, when not in use. Because they suction, it’s not as big of a deal is it might be otherwise. Just a nice feature.

I’m sure my daughter will come back to the Polly Pocket Hangout House for more fun play! Polly Pocket is nearly as girly as toys come!


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