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Nickelodeon’s New Preschooler DVD: The Fresh Beat Band’s DVD Debut

Looking for a fun, musical DVD for your preschooler? Then pick up Nickelodeon’s The Fresh Beat Band‘s new DVD. This is an Emmy Award Winning Live-Action music series, and the DVD hits shelves on August 14, 2012. The DVD includes the short TV movie “The Wizard of Song” in which Marina gets swept up into a windstorm and lands in Oz. She meets Glinda the good witch (Sarah Chalke from Scrubs), as well as, a Scarecrow, a Tin Woods-Woman, and a Lion. They all go to the Wizard of Song (Jason Mraz) so Marina can find her way home. My Little Girl was totally engaged by the story and music, and my boys – who are beyond preschool age, gave the movie great reviews.  I have to agree with them, because they sat totally still for the movie’s duration!

The DVD also includes 2 bonus shorts: ‘The Ghost Band” in which The Fresh Beats run into a ghost band when they get a gig in a western town. They face-off against the ghosts in a musical showdown and discover the ghosts are misunderstood.  Everyone works together to bring people back to the town. The other short features The Fresh Beats in “Chimps in Charge” as they help their friend, Harper, babysit a pair of chimps who are a lot to handle. Marina gets the idea to build a jungle gym for the chimps in the park and the Fresh Beats find a perfect song to rock their show. I think my twin boys really identified with the pair of chimps!! The 90 minute DVD was truly entertaining and engaging for all my kiddos.

You can purchase Fresh Beat Band: The Wizard of Song for just $11.83, on Amazon.


Nickelodeon provided me with the DVD Fresh Beat Band: The Wizard of Song to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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