How to Paint Polka Dots For a Girls’ Room

How to paint polka dots for a kids' room

Paint Polka Dots For a Girls’ Room


Sometimes it can be a challenge to come up with inspiration for decorating our rooms and kids’ rooms. I know I struggle quite a bit with it. When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, I knew that I wanted her colors to be Pink, Green and Brown. I have always loved Polka Dots as well, so I thought, why not paint polka dots for a girls’ room, and do it in my desired colors?!

Early in my pregnancy I decided to go ahead and get Brielle’s room done before she was born. I believe I saw the idea in a magazine, to paint two different shades of one color – dividing the wall. I decided to do a light lavender for the majority of her wall, with a darker lavender on the bottom 1/4-1/3 of the wall. I loved it! Then I spiced things up with three different sizes and colors of polka dots. I placed the polka dots all around the line that divided the two different shades of purple.

My circles are not perfect by any means, but I tried to find something completely round, to trace my circles. I used a large paper plate for my large circles, and lids of things for the two smaller circles.  I traced the circles first, and then painted them. I loved how it turned out! The sad thing is that we decided to move about two weeks before my baby girl was born. We bought a larger house in the same neighborhood, and I decided to duplicate her first room. Kind of sad that I put so much work into the room she never got to use! I think the second room, in the new house, turned out even better though! If you’re also planning to paint the rooms in your home, prepare the surfaces beforehand through sandblasting. You may also consider hiring commercial painting contractors to get the best results.

How to paint polka dots for a kids' room
We have since moved, and have done something different in her new room, but I still wanted to share this idea because I loved it! Now that we’re in a new home, my friend recommended me to visit the page for sarasota painters who can provide meticulous quality house painting!

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  • I love it!!! We moved when our baby was 2.5 WEEKS old… from Orlando to Pittsburgh. She never even saw her room and the beautiful field of dragonflies I designed for her. I walked her in there a few times, but she didnt care to open her eyes. She is 8 weeks now and I am ready to recreate her room…. since we are finally unpacked.. crazy how long that takes when you have a 2 year old and a nb.

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