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Tips to Overcome Coupon Burnout

Tips to Overcome Coupon Burnout

I must first admit that I myself get a little burnt out on coupons, from time to time. I have a feeling a lot of you have been too because I have noticed a huge decrease in coupon prints. I know couponing can be overwhelming, sometimes time consuming, and sometimes we think, “what’s the point?” Well, the point is, coupons can and do help us save money, if we use them properly. I wanted to share some tips to overcome coupon burnout.

1. If possible, don’t do all the work yourself. Follow coupon match-ups from blogs, so all you have to do is locate the coupons. If you have children, let them help you clip and file coupons. If you don’t have children or teens who can help, consider finding some friends who love coupon-shopping and get together with them on occasion to clip and filecoupons and share deals. Or consider finding a local coupon group to join. Just having other people to share it with is a huge inspiration (and when you see the deals they’re getting, you’ll most likely want to know how to do that deal too).

2. Pick one favorite grocery store and one favorite drugstore and just “work” those weekly instead of trying to “work” each store.

3. Consider your mileage (gas cost) and time. Just because a certain store has a sale on an item and you have a coupon that would make it free doesn’t mean you should drive across town to get the item for free. Unless there are other items you will be buying at that store, you will be better off just buying that item at the store you are already going to be shopping at that week. Or if your coupon is valid at any store, see if your store does price matching!

For a couple more tips, visit Couponers United – she has some more coupon burnout tips for you.

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  • I am still trying to rap my head around extreme couponing, I don’t know how they do it! I usually just use the coupons I get with my free samples and the ones I find on coupons.com. These are great tips for when I get the hang on couponing more. =)

  • The best tip is to stick with one or two stores. I always look through all the ads and get overwhelmed but then I remind myself to stick with cvs because they have been the easiest and most coupon friendly.

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