Weekly Pinterest Challenge: Taking Nominations

I had so much fun with this past week’s Pinterest Challenge. I decided to make all three of my top favorite nominations, the Flower Hair Clips, Pumpkin Poppers (A-MAZING) and the Tartiflette. I haven’t made the last dish yet, as I still need to get to the store for supplies. I will make it by Friday though, and post about it. I decided to start taking nominations for this week’s Pinterest Challenge. I would like several nominations to choose from, so I wanted to give you all more time.

Each week, I will write up a post asking you all to leave a comment and nominate a project of some sort, that I need to make the following week – using Pinterest. It can be a craft, recipe, diy project, etc. You can nominate up to 2 projects.

Then on Thursdays, I will pick my favorite 3 from YOUR nominations, and hold another vote. With your help, we will decide that week’s project, and we will make it. I will definitely make it, and I encourage all of you to craft or bake right along with me, and share your successes. The next week, I will blog about the project or recipe, with photos.

This challenge gets us all off our rears and actually making the fabulous things we see on Pinterest AND it allows me to actually try and test these things, and give you all tried and true opinions and advice on the projects.

So go for it – leave a comment with your nominations. Simply find a project on Pinterest that you have been dying to make or try, or that you just want to see me create. Then leave the link to that pin, in a comment on this post.

P.S. I hope you’re following CleverHousewife on Pinterest too! Your nominations don’t have to come from my boards though.

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