What’s your favorite Go-to-Fridge-Food?

Have you ever wondered how many times a day you, or someone in your family opens the refrigerator? Yeah, and how many times do you open it and just stare – hoping something yummy will magically present itself? Guilty. Next question – what is your favorite go-to-fridge-food? What’s that one item you open the fridge up for most often – that ‘something’ that’s always close at hand & you’re constantly reaching into the fridge for? I had to think a bit about this one, and I came up with yogurt – my first thing in the morning food, and diet soda. I rarely drink a whole can of soda at once, I like to nurse it along throughout the day. I even have these cool pop tops that I affix to retain the carbonation. I’ve often wondered how much electricity I’m wasting as I reach into the fridge. I don’t even want to think about how much my kids are wasting!! How many kilowatt hours are used up as they hang onto the side-by-side door handles peering into the vast array of food in the fridge and freezer? 

Well, LG has a new fridge coming out that will put to rest those concerns. They’re so confident that each home will benefit from this beautiful kitchen engineering wonder that they’ve thought up a contest to encourage readers to vote for your favorite fridge food – that one food that’s sure to secure a coveted spot in the door-in-door feature of the new LG SUPER-CAPACITY 3 DOOR FRENCH DOOR REFRIGERATOR WITH DOOR-IN-DOORâ„¢ (Model #: LFX31945ST).

Be sure to check-out and vote for LG’s go-to-fridge-food. Which is your favorite in the LG Food fight -Yogurt, Juicebox, Mustard or Diet Soda? I actually giggled outloud at the interview with the Diet Soda girl. We all know diet soda is a useless food (can it be categorized as a food?) The funniest part was when she said she can’t help that she’s petite, and that her 64 oz sister is kinda gross.  Visit and vote in the LG Food Fight and LG Facebook page.

LG’s got a great thing going on, so don’t miss out on the fun.

And . . . don’t judge me on the crazy foods in my fridge!!

For those quick trips to the fridge, the Door-in-Door is a magnetically sealed section of the refrigerator that allows you to access the door bin without opening the entire refrigerator. Due to the Door-In-Door feature, less cool air escapes when the easy access compartment is opened, keeping cold air in the rest of the fridge, where it matters most. Whether it’s a refreshing drink, condiments or a healthy snack, the Door-in-Door is the ideal space for quick access to your family’s go-to foods such as canned or bottled drinks, salad dressings and condiments.Learn More Here.


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  • I have a huge stash of Coke Zero’s in my fridge-definite go to drink. I’m always grabbing one. Go-to food? Babybel cheese wheels. MMMM

  • I saw the commercial for this fridge a few days ago and was impressed. LG really knows how to make great appliances but too bad I live in an apt and I am short for space in my kitchen. My go to food is usually chocolate. I would open the fridge, look, close it, open it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and finally close it again and say I’ll just have three little Acai dark chocolate covered pieces. Yum! =)

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