DIY Felt Flower Cluster Hair Clip

DIY Felt Flower Cluster Hair Clip


I have been having so much fun making a variety of felt hair clips for Brielle. I got another idea from Make It and Love It, for what I am calling the Felt Flower Cluster Hair Clip. I love this hair clip and even found myself sticking it in my hair, with a messy up-do. This hair clip is probably a little more time consuming than some of the others, but not too difficult, and well worth it.

To make the Felt Flower Cluster Hair Clip, you will need to start with a template. You are welcome to use the one above, or create your own. You will also need a needle an embossing thread, the color of your choice. The thread is to create the center of each flower, as well as attach them to the base.

Cut out 10 flower shapes and 2 of the oval shape. The oval shape will serve as the base, and the second one is to cover up all of the threads at the end.

Once you have all 10 of your flowers cut out, you will stitch an “x” through the center of each flower, while attaching it to the oval base.

I recommend stitching each flower close enough to each other, to just overlap, making them stand out a little. You can choose how far or close you want them. First, start with a knot at the end of the thread. Then come up through the bottom of the base piece (oval), and through the center of the first flower. Come back down through the top, and up again – creating an “x”. I recommend starting at the center, and working your way out. That way, if your base piece is too large in the end, you can cut it down. Repeat the process with the remaining flowers.

You will end up with a lot of thread showing at the back of the base piece. This is why you cut out a second oval/base piece, to hot glue to the first base – covering up the threads.

Now it is time to attach the clip. You can hot glue the clip to the back of the flower piece, or do as I did. I notched four holes into the back of the base, so as to slide the clip through and out the other side. I used a little hot glue in the holes, to keep the clip from slipping out.

I played with the idea of creating a couple of leaves, but personally preferred the flower cluster without them, so I took them off. If you choose to add leaves, simply glue or stitch them onto the first base piece, before gluing the final base piece over the first.

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