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Fall Cakes: Jack Skellington Cake or Twix Cake

Fall Cakes

I just wanted to share a couple of ideas for Fall/Halloween Cakes.  Hosting a party, or attending a party, and need something spectacular to serve? These cake ideas are sure to be a hit!

This Jack Skellington Cake comes from The Nightmare Before Christmas. My son was in love with this movie a few years ago, so I made it for his birthday (hence the candles). This is a double layer cake that simply has a buttercream frosting between layers, and over the top. Then get a black gel icing tube to create the face.

This Twix Cake will carry you into Thanksgiving if you’d like. Bake a double layer cake and frost with buttercream frosting. Line Twix or Kit Kat Bars around the cake. They will stick to the icing, but for looks and extra security, you can fasten a large bow loosely around the cake. Top the cake with seasonal M&M’s.

Which cake do you like best?

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