It’s Finally Here: Old Enough To Mow The Lawn

It’s Finally Here: Old Enough To Mow The Lawn


I can’t believe it – it’s Finally Here! My boy is finally old enough to mow the lawn!! This was such a happy day for me that I just had to snap a couple of pictures. Of course, he wasn’t thrilled about the picture taking. So how old do you think is old enough to mow the lawn?

My oldest will be 9 in December, and without dad around all the time these days, I thought it would be nice to have him start increasing his responsibilities. I helped him with several of the turns, and even helped guide the lawn mower with one hand at times, but he was the pusher. I still think he needs supervision while mowing;  and he will need me to start the mower, as well as empty the bag. Any extra help I can get from him, the better.

I am trying to teach my oldest that responsibilities are important for a young man. It is a great way for him to help out around the house, and earn his keep.  Not only that, but since boys don’t really get babysitting jobs like many girls do, mowing the lawn can be a great way for him to earn some money while he is young. My parents would love to pay their own grandson to mow their lawn, instead of some other boy. He’s not quite there, but in time he will be. It is also important to teach them safety when dealing with the lawn mower. My hubby chopped off a few of his fingertips when handling a lawn mower, as a young teen. Got to talk about safety!

Do you have your kids help mow the lawn?

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  • I had to beg my mom when I was growing up to mow the lawn. Finally she let me. And then I regretted it ever since because I am now her lawn care guy haha!

  • The first reason for maintaining regular lawn mowing is that if we leave lawns to become too long between mowings, then the thatch layer will increase in the lawn, and the crowns of the turf will raise higher… which when eventually mowed, can easily cause lawn scalping or having the lawn dying off in areas where the crowns of the lawn have been removed when mowing.

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