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Keep Toothbrushes Germ Free With Oraline

Keep Toothbrushes Germ Free With Oraline

We have talked about those TV shows, such as mythbusters, where they go into restaurants, kitchens and bathrooms and test the cleanliness of the items therein. After watching these type of shows, I am always disgusted with the findings – especially when it comes to my hygiene. They have found that just about anywhere you place your toothbrush, within a bathroom, it is bound to get debris and bacteria from the flushings of the toilet. Gross – yes!

Not only can bacteria easily get on your toothbrushes, but there can even be cross contamination between brushes. I have often stuck all of my kids’ toothbrushes in the same cup, where they often tough each other. Not anymore! I have realized the importance of keeping our toothbrushes clean, and germ free. The Oraline Toothbrush Sanitizer makes this easy with it’s UV ultraviolet light that comes on automatically and runs it’s course.

Toothbrushes have their own holding space within the sanitizer, and they get cleaned and sanitized between cleanings. It is so easy to use, and does the trick. Oraline makes brushing teeth fun for the kids too, because they can have their own personalized toothbrush. With their name and picture on the handle of their toothbrush, the kids don’t get their toothbrushes mixed up, and they love that they are personalized just for them!

To help with your oral care needs, every order from Oraline includes the toothbrush sanitizer, 12 4oz tubes of Oraline Fluoride Bubblegum Toothgel, 6 personalized toothbrushes. Toothbrushes come in two different sizes, for 2-4 years old or 4-7 years old. You get the whole Oraline kit for $59.95. The first 100 people who order the Oraline kit will receive 1 of these fantastic gift bags!!! Just for ordering – No additional charge! That means Free!

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