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Do you ever find yourself with an eagerness to learn and expand your talents? There is an awesome website where you can learn to do many things from scratch, or from any level you may be at. I believe continuing education can be a valued and special thing. I have discovered that you can learn about things such as music composition, photography, gaming, blogging and more, with I briefly touched on this wonderful website, and it’s capabilities, a month or so ago. Now that I have had some hands-on experience with, I thought I would share what I have learned so far!

I was so excited by all of the online classes I could take, that I couldn’t decide which class to begin first. Since I received my new DSLR camera, there are so many things I would like to learn to do with it. I love that when you are trying to decide which class you want to take, you can see every single category that is covered, and how long each section is. I thought I would begin with a fairly basic class titled Foundations of Photography: Night and Low Light. At one of my blogging conferences, I learned that lighting is one of the most important things to consider when taking good pictures.

In this particular photography class, I am learning that there are possible photo opportunities that I may not have recognized as being a good opportunity. In low light, there can be striking photos where light and shadow play with one another to create a unique shot. It has helped me to open my eyes and view things differently. I used to think that if the light was low, it wasn’t a good time to take pictures.

This Night and Low Light photography class really gets into the details of how to take great photos, using the various camera settings, in these different light settings. I have even learned how to properly shoot photographs using only candlelight!

Without teaching you everything that I have learned from, I just wanted to let you get an idea of how cool the site really is. The lessons/courses are not just text that you have to read and understand. There are a variety of video clips that actually show you how to do whatever it is you are learning to do. The clips are very entertaining and easy to follow. I love that I can learn things on a variety of topics, all in one place. is indeed a neat tool to help continue your education, even while out of school.


I was provided with a subscription, to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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