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I don’t know about you, but these days I prefer to do a lot of my shopping online. After all, you can buy just about anything online – including your own goat! Okay, so I don’t go that far, but I do buy many of my household products, shoes, and even my clothes, online. Shopping from the comfort of my own home, and knowing I am getting a good deal is an awesome feeling. With the aid of online coupon codes from, I can get this feeling more often than not.

I live in a small town, with not a lot of options for decent shopping. This is just one of the many reason I like to shop online. The first thing I do when I start to shop online is look for online coupon codes. Nearly every online retailer has at least one coupon code floating out there among the web, and I am always determined to find it. I would hate to know that I completed check out at any online retailer, and to later find out that I could have used a promo code, for extra savings!

One way that I like to hunt for online coupon codes is to go through Coupons by Answers. When I arrive to their site, I type in the store that I want to shop at. For example, let’s say I want to do some shopping at Bass Pro Shops (because I don’t have one locally), then I would type “Bass Pro Shops” into the search box, and click “Go”. Their page will come up with all of the current sales or Bass Pro Shops Coupons. Right now I see that they are offering shipping of $5.95. To the right of that offer, click on Activate Coupon, and it will take you right to their site, to start shopping. Your coupon code has already been activated, and you won’t need to do anything during check out!

If I am looking for a particular item, and not a certain store, then I shop by coupon categories. The site is really simple to use, and can end up helping you save on purchases you already plan to make! Any savings is money that stays in my account, which makes me happy.


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