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Yahoo! Women Who Shine: Nominate a Woman Who Inspires You

Yahoo! Women Who Shine: Nominate a Woman Who Inspires You!

I have been given the opportunity to nominate someone who inspires me, as part of the Yahoo! . I took this chance to nominate a good friend of mine, Krista.

Krista is a wife, and a mother to 3 little girls, 8 and under. She is a beautiful mommy, inside and out. Krista is a cancer survivor, who is now in the fight of, and for her life, with stage 3 breast cancer. Just a few short years after beating thyroid cancer, Krista was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in one breast, and stage 2 cancer in her other breast. After a year or two of having doctors tell her that the lump in her breast was likely just fibrous tissues, Krista was diagnosed with this horrible disease. By this point, the cancer had also spread into her lymph nodes.

Between weeks on end of chemo therapy, surgery – a double mastectomy, and now radiation, Krista has been an amazing friend, and an even better mother and wife. Battling breast cancer entails more than one could even imagine. As soon as one hurdle is past, another one arises. There are months of sickness, and even more months of fatigue. Having to deal with the loss of Krista’s beautiful hair was even more of a challenge than she could have imagined.

While 2012 has not been the year for Krista, she still smiles, laughs and keeps chugging along. She has amazing faith and continues to be a strength to me on a regular basis. Krista is only 34 and has overcome so much already, and continues to overcome tremendous mountains. She is an inspiration to me, and I feel she is a woman who shines.

If you know a woman who shines, then take this time to nominate her, and give her a chance to win $10,000. Simply share her story with Shine, give them the proper information, and let the voting begin. Voting is open until October 29th, and a winner will be announced on November 12th. If you won’t be nominating anyone this year, I would love for you to vote for my friend Krista. You can find her under the Survivor category. If you don’t see this photo above, then they simply haven’t gotten her into the system yet. She will show up there soon, so please take a moment and vote.

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